Integrations and developer-friendly APIs

Effective recruiting software is the centerpiece of a successful hiring toolkit. Workable integrates with a broad range of apps and tools to ensure everything is at your fingertips.


The most popular free and premium job boards

Workable integrates with the most popular free and premium job boards, to create one of the largest job board syndication networks. Reach millions of job seekers in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Social & professional networks

Getting a full view of a candidate is essential for understanding how they’ll work with your team. In addition to tools for advertising on social and professional networks, Workable searches multiple data sources to bring you more information about candidates via enriched candidate profiles.


LinkedIn Recruiter Accounts

For many users, a LinkedIn Recruiter account is invaluable. Connect your own recruiter account to Workable to enable cross system awareness: view full LinkedIn profiles inside Workable, and see candidate information from Workable directly in your LinkedIn Recruiter account.

If you’ve already purchased LinkedIn Job slots, you can access these from Workable and manage all your job advertising from one place.



FCRA compliant Background Checks (USA)
Workable’s pre-employment background checks are fulfilled by specialists Checkr. They’re available directly from your Workable account as part of your hiring process.


HRIS integration
Workable integrates with Namely and BambooHR. These HRIS integrations mean that candidate data can be exported automatically from Workable to either platform, removing the need for additional data entry.

Private API for custom
ATS integrations

Display positions in different ways, extract additional information from your Workable account or connect to 3rd party applications using the Workable API.


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