Structured candidate profiles

When you’re deep in the process it’s easy to forget that hiring is all about people. Workable profiles bring candidates back to life, with a full view of everything you need to know, in one place.


Candidate profiles display information in a structured, unified format. They become the canonical source of truth, informing every interaction – whether that’s inside your hiring team or with the candidates themselves.

Workable recruiting reports help optimize your hiring

Candidate resumes

Candidate resumes can be added to Workable in multiple ways:

When candidate resumes are supplied in document format, (.pdf, .rtf, .odt, .doc & .docx) Workable will automatically parse and extract the details to make them more easily accessible.


Answers to screening questions

When you create a customized application form, answers to the screening questions are automatically stored on the candidate’s profile, along with any files the candidate has attached.


Social profiles

Whenever a candidate is uploaded, Workable automatically enriches the candidate profile with social data. This includes the candidate’s avatar or photo, and links to their open profiles on social and professional networks, including Wordpress, Twitter, Quora, Facebook, Github and more.


Team communication

When you’re hiring as a team, trackable communication is vital. Team comments are saved as a timeline, making it easy to see the initial feedback and the follow up responses. Make sure confidential comments stay that way by assigning specific roles to each member of your hiring team.




Most candidate interactions include messages sent via email. Workable’s smart 2-way email sync means that no matter how you like to work – from inside Workable, or your own email account, all communication is tracked and available to those who need it via the candidate’s timeline. This works with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and more.

There’s no need to forward emails, or switch between applications just to reply to a candidate or mark an email as read.


Candidate scorecards
and evaluations

Feedback on candidates can be seen at every stage in the pipeline. In the early review stages, get your team involved by requesting a simple evaluation; a rating and a brief comment explaining their decision.

As the candidate progresses, use Interview kits for a structured interview process. Access the scorecard and additional comments directly from the candidate profile.


Tags for filtering

Add tags to candidates as you review their profiles. These become increasingly valuable as you begin to build up your own candidate database. Combine tags with Workable’s powerful search tools to create talent pools on the fly.


Source tracking

Workable automatically tracks and lists the source of every candidate on the candidate’s profile. Candidate source reports collect and combine this data, giving clear visibility on the most effective job boards and recruiters.

If a candidate has applied for more than one position — whether that’s recently or in the past, a note is included on the candidate timeline.

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