Talent pool

When using Workable to source new talent, add the most promising candidates to your Talent Pool. Nurture relationships over time and manage all your communication from one place.

Find the best talent

Find candidates fast, even when they’re not actively pursuing new roles. Workable’s built-in candidate sourcing tool will search millions of online profiles based on your required skills, keywords and target location.


Detailed results include email address, resume, social profiles and more. To avoid duplicating effort, Workable highlights candidates already in your database, giving details of the job and stage. Add the most promising prospects to your Talent Pool and reach out in 2 clicks.


Create a Talent Pool

Keep track of the most promising talent in your secure Talent Pool. Build and nurture relationships ready for the right role. Detailed candidate profiles track the history of every prospect, from the time they were sourced, to the latest email communication, comments and scheduled events.

When a prospect looks like a good fit, move them straight to the right job in Workable, and select the most appropriate stage in the pipeline.


Nurture relationships
with effective communication

Great candidate relationships are nurtured through timely, relevant communication. Workable’s email integrations enable you to continue conversations from the place that suits you best – whether that’s inside Workable via desktop or smartphone – or through your preferred email application, like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and more.

However you like to work, the communication is tracked on the candidate’s timeline in Workable. No need to forward emails, or switch between applications just to reply to a prospect on time, or mark an email as read.

Harness the power of your employer brand

Don’t let visitors to your careers page leave disappointed. Keep a speculative position open for those who are actively looking for a role in your organization. This will allow interested visitors to forward their resume directly to your Talent Pool, creating an automatic database of candidates who are excited about what your company has to offer.


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