A talent CRM

Workable is more than an applicant tracking system. Use it to build and nurture meaningful relationships with candidates and prospects.


Keeping the hiring
team up to speed

Transparent communication ensures the team is always up to speed. Whether candidate relationships are nurtured over days or months, the candidate profile is a focused point of reference. Review the profile before you get back in touch, to better understand how to progress.


2-way email sync for
timely communication

Great candidate relationships are built through timely, relevant communication. Workable’s email integrations allow you to continue conversations from the place that suits you best – whether that’s inside Workable via desktop or smartphone – or through your preferred email application, like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and more.

However you like to work, the communication is tracked on the candidate timeline in Workable. No need to forward emails, or switch between applications just to reply to a candidate on time, or mark an email as read.

Flexible candidate journeys

Workable’s customizable recruiting pipeline is designed to fit your workflow – but not every candidate takes the same path. Add tags to candidate profiles to add context to their position. Use filters and tags in the candidate database to create talent pools and find the right person fast.

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Get feedback from stakeholders

Senior stakeholders aren’t always part of your hiring team – but they have valuable experience when it comes to progressing candidates.

Use the 'Share a candidate' feature to share the entire timeline and allow stakeholders to comment without logging in to Workable.

Comments will be tracked on the candidate’s profile inside Workable, where they can be actioned by the team.

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