Life at Workable

At Workable we believe that technology exists to serve people. This means we spend time thinking about how people interact with the world around them; about the cognitive process. We enjoy a workplace where curiosity and ambition are put in service of making software that makes people smarter.

If you join us, you will find all the excitement and intellectual stimulation of a startup, minus the fads and pretension. We don't work 90-hour weeks but we do work in an effective manner. We don't think it's old fashioned to have a sensible business model and we enjoy working with smart people.


A platform to achieve

Workable now has growing teams in Boston, New York, London and Athens, Greece. Wherever you join us you'll find the same things: smart colleagues, a stimulating environment and opportunity.

The best gear

We don’t skimp on tools. You’ll get a 27” iMac or MacBook Pro, a generous cellphone plan and any accessories you need to get the job done in style.

Cool place to work

Wherever you join us you will be coming to a spacious, thoughtfully constructed workplace. One where there's free food and drinks, a comfy recreation area to interact, think and be creative.

Where do you want to go?

No matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, at Workable we care about what you can be and how fast you learn. You’ll work with smart people just like you, learn from the best and learn to punch above your weight.

Learn with us

We’re happy to cover costs for educational materials, courses and anything that makes you better at what you do. All developers get an annual conference allowance covering travel, accommodation and attendance fees.

Live well

We want healthy employees with happy personal lives and families. We offer private healthcare insurance for you and your dependents and flexible work schedules with generous telecommuting options.

Come as you are

Your gender, your gods, your sex life, your skin color or your bigshot uncle don’t make a difference here. Workable is a progressive and open-minded meritocracy. If you’re smart and good at what you do, come as you are.


Who would you work with?


"I work with people that have no fear of learning. If you love creating products that make people feel like superheroes and have a great time doing so, you're OK"

Zaharenia Atzizikaki

Lead Designer, Crete


"It’s a rare combination but we have
geeks working and caring about building
a unified product instead of just features"

Stratos Pavlakis

Senior Developer, Athens


"Workable is special in the way it applies
sophistication and science to a product domain
traditionally ignored by the cutting edge"

Rui Miguel Forte

Lead Data Scientist, Athens


"At Workable you will find a smart team and all of the tools you need to succeed. We're inspired to change the way people hire and have some fun while doing so."

Lauren Soucy

Inbound Marketing Director, Boston


"I want to work with people who care
about what we're doing and also see
the magnitude of the opportunity at Workable"

Rob Long

VP Marcomms, Boston

Come Aboard

Interested in joining us?

If you're smart, motivated and want something more than a job then have a look at the jobs below. We'd like to meet you.