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Eftychia Karavelaki

Eftychia Karavelaki,
Head of Talent

If you love what you do, it loves you back. I’d say the positive, supportive environment here is very important. I like the innovation and the fresh mentality of Nikos our CEO, Spyros our CTO and the Executive Team as a whole. I like the openminded-ness.

Aris Toumpanakis

Aris Toumpanakis,
Junior Accountant

You really feel supported and encouraged to improve and develop. I also love the “come as you are” policy! It really is an open and progressive meritocracy here. There’s lots of freedom and trust and an appreciation of the value of diversity.

Bora Kim

Bora Kim,
Corporate Strategy and Development Analyst

Both the CEO and my ex-manager here at Workable have had a great influence on me. I kid you not, both of them asked me during our first 1:1, if I was happy. They taught me to be genuine and to work hard, but not to be too serious.

Making sure we’re fully resourced and funded, sourcing new talent, looking after the wealth of talent we already have, our G&A team makes sure everything runs efficiently and that everyone is happy and well. Being a smart tech company, we believe in the power of software to make working life easier and processes simpler. Which is why, as a department, we’ve integrated a suite of systems designed to make life better for our teams and our talent. So we welcome curious, creative people keen to make improvements, to use tech where it makes sense, to take autonomy for projects, and to drive change.

But this department is all about the personal touch too. Responsible for the wellbeing of everyone, we work across our Boston and Athens offices and our network of remote workers to make sure everyone gets the chance to talk, to meet, to share ideas and to celebrate success. Everyday brings something different, but what stays the same is our commitment to the company and to everyone who makes it so strong. We enjoy meeting new people (it’s what we do), so we’re always excited about welcoming new talent onto the team and finding out where that takes us.

Who manages the teams

Who will you work with? Experts in their field, find out more
about the talented team of leaders we have here at Workable.

  • Craig DiForte
    Craig DiForte

    VP Finance

    Craig (a Boston local) gained experience in publicly traded and private companies. Now, having assisted in the sale of three different tech companies, he specializes in the tech sector. SaaS and subscription based businesses are Craig's focus.

  • Melissa
    Melissa Escobar-Franco

    HR Manager

    Beginning in the UK and progressing to Boston, Melissa’s career spans every aspect of HR. From hiring to benefits, onboarding to leadership, she’s got it covered. At Workable she manages multiple teams in our Boston office.

  • Eftychia Karavelaki
    Eftychia Karavelaki

    Head of Talent

    An HR tech specialist, Eftychia's become hooked on tech conferences and events since joining us in 2015. Passionate about hiring and developing the best, she now leads on talent management across the whole of our growing team.

Our hiring process

We like to be surprised and challenged. We want you to use this process
to understand us, as we get to know you. Ask questions, relax – and enjoy.

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An introductory call

Having reviewed your CV or application form, we’ll set up an informal call with our Recruiting or Hiring Manager. They’ll ask about your current role, your skills and expectations, what motivates you, and how you see your career developing.

The assessment stage

After completing a 25-minute General Aptitude Test (through Skype or in one of our offices) we’ll give you a timed assignment to take away. It’s a chance for you to show how you approach on-the-job situations and deliverables.

This will give you a good feel for how we work and the kind of challenges we face. Core skills aside, there are no right or wrong answers. We’re interested in how you approach things, your creativity, and what you’re capable of. You’ll probably have lots of questions after completing this. We look forward to discussing them with you at the interview stage.

First interview

This is a one-hour, face-to-face discussion with your Hiring Manager. They’ll want to understand in more detail your professional experience, your skills, motivation and ambitions, and if our needs and expectations match yours.

Executive interview

The final stage in the process, this interview is with one of our Executive Team. They’ll explain more about us as a business – how we operate, our structure, our vision and our culture.

Decision and feedback

We’ll let you know our decision as soon as we can. Whatever the outcome, we’re happy to share our feedback with you. We know how important it is for your professional development.

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