Working in Finance

After a 6-month internship with Workable, Aris became our Junior Accountant. He enjoys
the diversity of his role and of his wider, “Workable family”.

Workable is...
Exciting, challenging, and ambitious.
- Aris Toumpanakis

Where were you born?

I was born in Marousi and raised in Kiato, a coastal city close to Athens. I moved to Athens for my Economic & Business studies. I still enjoy lots of mini trips back home to see family and friends.

Describe yourself in three words:

Realistic, passionate, cool.

Do you have a nickname?

Where do I start? The first rule - in order to avoid any kind of nicknames - is to have a common and discrete name. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with me! ‘Toumpanakis’ triggers lots of kidding reactions and comments. Lots of my friends call me ‘Toub’, as a short version of my great last name. Other common nicknames that have the same root as my last name are ‘Toubanos’ (the strong) or ‘Touba’ (the funny one). As if that weren’t enough, some of my colleagues have come up with other nicknames based on my job position here at Workable and the suffix of my last name. So…I was “Intern-akis” now I am “Junior-akis”.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

One of my crazy childhood dreams was to become an archeologist. When I was a child, I was mad about dinosaurs and desperate to get out there and discover many new species.

What was your first job?

My first job experience was actually a four-month internship at the Economic Chamber of Greece. I worked in the Finance department. Even though it was quite a short time, it gave me a great opportunity to put my academic knowledge into practice.

What do you do for fun - outside of work?

I like travelling and exploring new places. Having fun with friends, going for walks, and watching movies. I try and motivate myself to exercise regularly - at the gym, jogging or playing tennis.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Last year, on the first of June (the first day of summer), and one day after my graduation, I travelled alone from Athens to Lund, near Malmo in Sweden, to surprise one of my best friends at her graduation ceremony.

Describe your most memorable event:

It’s hard to single out one event as the most memorable, but my graduation day was certainly a big moment for me. It was packed full of celebrations with the people I love - my close friends and relatives. It felt like one door was closing but another one was opening at the same time. It was exciting thinking about my next steps and my future.

What do you feel strongly about?

Perfect timing.
Positive energy.
Power of knowledge.
Proper use of technology.

What or who makes you laugh or smile?

I believe that laughing is contagious. So I laugh and smile a lot so that people around me smile too - this makes my day happier and helps me feel positive.

What’s your favorite food?

I can’t resist any kind of pasta... also, dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves) … fricassee… and lots more...

If you had a catchphrase what would it be?

“Wake up and seize the day” for morning motivation. “Good enough is not enough. It is ever the enemy of the best” - for working (out). And “Don’t waste your time or time will waste you” - just because.

What do you do at Workable?

I manage all of our daily accounting tasks. I also help to prepare our financial statements and our monthly/yearly closings, performing reconciliations, and lots of other accounting projects. It’s quite varied.

You really feel supported and encouraged to improve and develop. I also love the “come as you are” policy! It really is an open and progressive meritocracy here. There’s lots of freedom and trust and an appreciation of the value of diversity.

When did you join Workable?

In the summer of 2016. June 27th to be exact!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The culture and the cool environment I work in.

What’s on your desk?

Except for the usual office supplies like pens, highlighters, lots of stickers/reminders and pieces of papers, there’s also some personal stuff such as a snowman anti-stress ball and photographs of memorable moments.

What have you learned since joining Workable?

My professional knowledge has grown a lot in a short time, but I’ve also learned loads about working with people of different cultures and experiences. I’ve learned that I can create a second family through my job - I call it my Workable family.

The best thing about Workable?

You really feel supported and encouraged to improve and develop. There are lots of benefits that help you develop your skills and improve productivity. I also love the “come as you are” policy! It really is an open and progressive meritocracy here. There’s lots of freedom and trust and an appreciation of the value of diversity.

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If you love what you do, it loves you back. I’d say the positive, supportive environment here is very important. I like the innovation and the fresh mentality of Nikos our CEO, Spyros our CTO and the Executive Team as a whole. I like the openminded-ness.

Both the CEO and my ex-manager here at Workable have had a great influence on me. I kid you not, both of them asked me during our first 1:1, if I was happy. They taught me to be genuine and to work hard, but not to be too serious.