Working in Marketing Operations

A band musician, Panos’ flair for synergy and collaboration underpins his role as marketing
ops specialist working across 2 of our biggest teams. He also makes a mean ramen!

Workable is...
Stimulating, supportive & progressive
- Panos Rodopoulos

Where were you born?

Athens, Greece.

Do you have a nickname?

I’ve had many throughout the years—most of them are plays on Greek words and my name. At Workable, it seems that ‘Rodo Baggins’ took hold somehow.

Describe yourself in three words:

Stoic, methodical, proactive.

If you had a catchphrase, what would it be?

Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.

What do you feel strongly about?

Consciously choosing to be the best version of yourself based on the circumstances. I’m a drummer and we call this “being in the pocket”.

What’s your favorite food?

As a rule of thumb, anything spicy. Ramen and authentic Mexican tacos are two favorites!

What do you like to do outside of work?

Anything music-related (from playing to watching concerts), bugging my pup (Obi-Wan Kenobi) to eat his food (he’s super picky), hiking, and playing board or video games.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Quitting a very safe life path to pursue alternatives that were more fitting to my beliefs. I somehow found myself here so things seems to be working out!

Describe your most memorable event:

The first thing that comes to mind is being invited to play live music in a Japanese jazz club. It was a tiny place with a rustic vibe that had no audience other than my friend and me—we had accidentally stumbled upon it. Everybody else in the place was a professional musician. After congratulating one of the drummers—a tiny Japanese lady—she prompted me to play too. Everybody treated me with the utmost respect, even though my level was nowhere close to theirs. We jammed to 'Chicken' by Jaco Pastorius and played to a crowd of less than 10 people. It was probably the most nervous I’ve been in my life!

Describe your first job:

It was working at a beach bar at 14. I worked the early shift so it was mostly non-alcoholic drinks. But, one time a group of tourists asked for mojitos at 1pm. As I didn’t know anything about mixing drinks at the time, I had to ask around and I confused limes for limoncello—the Italian liqueur. I ended up serving them limoncello mojitos, which don’t taste as good as they sound!

A bit about you and Workable. When did you join Workable?

October 2016.

Describe your first day:

I was interviewed and got hired completely remotely. So, until I joined, I hadn’t seen the offices or met my hiring managers in person. The Workable Athens offices are quite spectacular. When I walked through the elevator doors into the office I was immediately taken aback. There was an international vibe, space and lots of friendly faces. I received a very warm welcome and my first challenge was braving the coffee machine, which was almost as sophisticated as the International Space Station. I ended up messing up and almost walking away with half a cup of coffee. I remember someone saying: “You’re brave. It took me a month before I touched that coffee machine”. I knew then that I was among a very good crowd.

Describe your role:

Currently, I’m in Marketing Operations. We make sure that Marketing and Sales communicate effectively by setting up systems, processes and frameworks. We do this to make sure that the efforts of both teams enjoy the biggest returns and, in term, contribute to Workable’s growth.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Setting people up for success through processes.

Have you change your role since starting the company?

Oh, yes.

Marketing Operations is my third role since joining Workable. I was initially part of the Business Development team. From day one in my role as consultant on the team, and later as team leader, I got to scale the team up, which was a privilege and a great learning experience.

I spoke with many professionals in many different industries throughout the world; from conglomerate CTOs to small boutique restaurant owners. I learned how, regardless of circumstance, they all face the same challenge—finding and hiring great talent. It was amazing to see how implementing the appropriate software can make a world of difference to a company, and also to an individual’s working life.

What are your biggest achievements since working here?

Scaling two teams in a hypergrowth setting and achieving some pretty remarkable results. Also, working with a diverse team of extremely capable individuals who feel more like family than work colleagues.

What’s on your desk?

Gifts from colleagues and memorabilia from Workable events. Oh, and a 20-sided dice from a tabletop board game—rolling it helps me when I’m trying to solve arbitrary dilemmas.

What have you learned since joining Workable?

Too many things to mention. I believe that after my Workable journey is over I’ll need a couple of months just to process and digest it all.

What training have you done and how did it impact your work?

Most notably, Sandler methodology. It’s a sales framework that focuses on the individual’s needs and not on the product or the company’s agenda—these come second. It’s applicable to any aspect of life and has greatly helped in smoothing out a lot of challenges that a young professional in his late 20s would face.

What benefits of working for Workable do you most appreciate?

The “come as you are” principle.

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