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One of Workable’s earliest and most experienced hires, Sophia’s seen our Sales team grow from three to over
30 in the time she’s been here. Our top rep in 2017, she’s now a team lead and expert in her field.

Workable is...
Innovative, motivating & fast-paced
- Sophia Simunec

Where were you born?

Belgrade, Serbia. I moved to Greece when I was 3. And I’ve just been granted Greek citizenship. Finally!

Describe yourself in three words:

Organized, loyal, honest.

If you had a catchphrase, what would it be?

If you have nothing kind to say, say nothing at all.

What do you feel strongly about?


What’s your favorite food?

Any food—there’s very little food I don’t like, unfortunately! Perhaps my favorite is mushroom risotto.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Yoga. It’s changed my life.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

I went ziplining and I was terrified!

Describe your most memorable event:

I did a lot of debating at school and at uni. And once, I got into the semi-finals of a competition and had to speak in parliament in front of 400 people. Terrifying!

Describe your first job:

I was a marketing intern for a company in New York. It was probably the best first job I could have ever had.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

An actress, then a lawyer, then a diplomat.

A bit about you and Workable. When did you join Workable?

I’ve been here a while! Since December of 2014.

Describe your first day:

I remember feeling shy and, although I was very hungry, I was reluctant to go and eat with my new colleagues—I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to say. This only lasted a few minutes before I was whisked off for lunch! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming I quickly realized there was nothing to worry about.

Describe your role:

I’m one of our Senior Account Executives. In other words, I talk to companies in Europe interested in using our tool. I demo the product and walk them through the buying process if they want to move ahead.

Describe your department / team:

Sales is a huge department within Workable now and we’ve got a lot of different teams. There’s a Sales Development team that generates leads and is the first point of contact a future customer will have with Workable. We then have the Account Executive team who provide all the demos and close new business (this is my team). And finally, the Account Managers. They take over after us to ensure each new customer is happy with their plan and to provide regular health checks. Most sales teams are typically deemed as being super pushy and competitive, but that’s not how we operate at all. The philosophy here at Workable is to be helpful. We provide value and show the customer how and where we can make a difference or guide them towards another solution if we’re not the right fit.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Being able to help companies with a painful and ineffective recruitment process is great. I love showing them how their hiring can improve with Workable and seeing how excited they get. It’s not always easy to choose and implement a new tool, so we need to provide a lot of guidance. But this is undeniably the most rewarding part of the job.

Have you changed your role since starting the company?

Yes. I was one of Workable’s earliest employees. We had a small, 3-person sales team when I started (it’s now 10x that size!). As they were all abroad, for about 2 years I was the SDR, Account Executive and Account Manager. I got to see all three aspects of the job and, though it is an unusual path, it put me in a great position. It meant I knew what a customer might want from all angles and I got to learn a lot about the product and the industry.

What are your biggest achievements since working here?

I was top rep of the year in 2017 and got promoted to team lead!

What have you learned since joining Workable?

Oh, a million things; from my managers and colleagues to the customers I get to talk with. I’ve learned a lot about business, sales and the industry. But, above all, I’ve learned how to be a successful Account Executive who puts the customer first.

What training have you done since joining?

We did a lot of Sandler sales training both in Boston and in Athens and I’ve adopted a lot of their techniques as a result. It’s really helped my sales process.

What benefits of working for Workable do you love the most?

My favorite has to be some of the trips I get to go on through my job. My most recent trip was to Australia, which was a dream!

Who within Workable has had the most influence on you and why?

This is a difficult one! There are lots of people who have influenced me. My manager Mike Manzi has helped me grow as a sales person. And then there’s Myrto (our Customer Success manager). Myrto was my first point of contact at Workable. She interviewed me and then onboarded me. She taught me everything there is to know about our product and our customers. She also taught me that with patience, dedication and kindness you can get almost anything done!

What’s the best thing about Workable?

You work for an organization that really cares. It cares about its customers, its employees and about its product. It’s a cliche, I know, but the people at Workable are the best. I’ve met some of the best people I know here and made friends for life.

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I have to mention Andrew, the manager of Customer Success. He was patient while I was still learning a lot of simple things that others may have known coming right in. I was given time to get some really thorough training, which made all the difference.

Workable helps so many different companies hire, which means I get to speak with lots of interesting and varied people. It’s great. The collaboration in my team is impressive, we all work well together and everyone is willing to help each other out.