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Workable transforms hiring. Our marketing specialists know that. Supporting existing users
and reaching out to new ones, they make sure they do too.

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Stella Papantou

Stella Papantou
Web designer / Front-end developer

I love the way our team works together. We all respect each other’s work and are willing to help each other when needed. When we have to face a new challenge, we discuss what we think is the best thing from everyone’s perspective to get the best result.

Stephanie Soder

Stephanie Soder
Marketing Analyst

What I love about Workable is that everywhere there is energy. I’m surrounded by really smart people, which is great. It’s also been really amazing seeing the company grow so fast and become so successful.

Lauren Soucy

Lauren Soucy
Inbound Marketing Director

I have become a more well-rounded marketer since joining Workable, and I have a better understanding of the end-to-end customer lifecycle. The company is also continuously investing in benefits and perks to help make our day-to-day better.

Workable’s commitment to continual improvement means that our marketing remit is always growing. So are our teams…

Spanning Boston and Athens, our Demand Generation team attracts professionals who are creative and goal-driven. They cover everything from content marketing to social strategy, SEO to Adwords, drip mail campaigns to marketing automation. Powered by independent thinking they deliver an innovative approach to driving traffic, generating high-quality leads, and building sales.

A similar mindset fuels our tight-knit, multi-disciplined Creative team. Experts in the latest web technologies, our designers, developers and writers work across Workable to ensure that each touchpoint with potential customers is on brand and effective. Their remit covers the Workable website, on and offline advertising and video, exhibition stands, printed books, swag, stickers, and more.

Our growing Product Marketing team is in equal parts inquisitive, analytical and creative. Experts in understanding the market Workable operates in, their insights inform the work of all our departments. With in-depth knowledge of our buyers and customers, they guide us to build the best products and share Workable’s value proposition through consistent messaging.

Who manages the teams

Who will you work with? Experts in their field, find out more
about the talented team of leaders we have here at Workable.

  • Rachel Bates
    Rachel Bates

    SVP Sales & Marketing

    Insightful and customer-focused, Rachel brings valuable experience leading high performing sales and marketing teams. Her collaborative and analytical approach helps develop, promote and maintain our positive team culture.

  • Rebecca Heidgerd
    Rebecca Heidgerd

    VP Marketing

    A business-oriented marketer, Rebecca encourages her team to take a creative approach to problem solving. Working across the Boston and Athens office, she helps define Workable's inbound and outbound marketing strategies.

  • Matt Buckland
    Matt Buckland

    VP Customer Advocacy

    Matt was a well-established recruiter and Head of Talent prior to joining Workable. Once a (rather vocal!) customer, he now brings his professional experience to Workable's global events. You can also find him sharing his knowledge on the blog and social media.

  • Lauren Soucy
    Lauren Soucy

    Director Inbound Marketing

    Lauren works with the Content Strategy and Creative teams in Boston (USA) and Athens (Greece). With extensive SEO and SEM knowledge, her team ensures the right people find the right information at the right time.

  • Rob O'Connor
    Rob O'Connor

    Director Demand Generation

    A Boston local, Rob has a passion for using technology to design innovative, customer-focused strategies. Managing a team in the Boston office, he also works closely with the Creative team based in Athens (Greece).

Our hiring process

We like to be surprised and challenged. We want you to use this process
to understand us, as we get to know you. Ask questions, relax – and enjoy.

Workable office
An introductory call

Having reviewed your CV or application form, we’ll set up an informal call with our Recruiting or Hiring Manager. They’ll ask about your current role, your skills and expectations, what motivates you, and how you see your career developing.

The assessment stage

After completing a 25-minute General Aptitude Test (through Skype or in one of our offices) we’ll give you a timed assignment to take away. It’s a chance for you to show how you approach on-the-job situations and deliverables.

This will give you a good feel for how we work and the kind of challenges we face. Core skills aside, there are no right or wrong answers. We’re interested in how you approach things, your creativity, and what you’re capable of. You’ll probably have lots of questions after completing this. We look forward to discussing them with you at the interview stage.

First interview

This is a one-hour, face-to-face discussion with your Hiring Manager. They’ll want to understand in more detail your professional experience, your skills, motivation and ambitions, and if our needs and expectations match yours.

Executive interview

The final stage in the process, this interview is with one of our Executive Team. They’ll explain more about us as a business – how we operate, our structure, our vision and our culture.

Decision and feedback

We’ll let you know our decision as soon as we can. Whatever the outcome, we’re happy to share our feedback with you. We know how important it is for your professional development.

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