Work with external recruiters

It can be difficult to keep track of candidates arriving from multiple sources. Use Workable to manage your recruiting strategy and accept submissions from as many recruiters as you need.


Fast engagement

It’s easy to invite external recruiters to submit candidates for a position. Simply add them to the job in Workable and they’ll receive an invitation by email.

The invitation contains all the information they need, including the job description and requirements, so recruiters can supply candidates right away.

The process is simple: recruiters reply to the invitation email with one or more resumes. Workable automatically parses and organizes the resumes into candidate profiles.


Duplicate detection and time stamping
When you work with more than one recruiter, you could receive the same candidate from more than one source. Workable has duplicate detection and time stamps to prevent conflict arising.


Privacy settings and collaboration
Recruiters only have access to view and comment on the candidates they have submitted. Privacy settings mean that comments from your internal hiring teams remain confidential.

Workable recruiting reports help optimize your hiring

Source reports and
performance tracking

Workable tracks the source of every candidate. When the source is an external recruiter, you’ll see the recruiter’s name and the exact time of submission listed on the candidate’s profile.

The Workable reporting suite provides performance reports and recruiting analytics. See which recruiters are bringing not just the largest quantity of candidates, but the highest quality.


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