Meet your new assistant, the Workable mobile app

Offered on both iOS and Android, Workable's mobile recruiting app will change the way you hire. It’s time to grab your mobile device instead of your laptop.

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Check what’s next

Open the Workable app and use it as your personal assistant. See all your upcoming events every time you open the app with the “Next up” section. Tap on the event to see everything you need - review their profile or send them a message before the meeting.

Screen candidates

Use your free time to look through applicants, wherever you are. View their cover letter, resume, social media profiles (like LinkedIn), and their entire application form to decide if the candidate will be a fit. If they are, move them ahead and even send them a personalized email template with next steps.

Communicate more efficiently

Not only do you have candidates’ full contact information in your pocket, but you can also reach them easily, in seconds. Visit their profile to send them a self-schedule link, a video interview invitation, text message, or quick email.

With class-leading mobile functionality, everything is tracked in one place and always with you.

Schedule faster

Send self-schedule links to candidates or find an interview time that works for your hiring team - then book it. With Gmail and Outlook calendar integration, it’ll all be synced across Workable and your team’s calendars.

Evaluate from

With the ability to provide view assessment results, watch video interviews, and fill-in interview scorecards, your hiring managers will almost never even want to open their laptop.

Seamless team

The easiest way to get your hiring managers, recruiters, and coordinators on the same page is through the mobile app. Everyone can view their customized agenda and access relevant candidates in seconds. To enhance productivity, your team can customize their push notifications so they know when they’re needed.

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