This is not meant to be a comprehensive list so much as a collection of excellent writing. There is no way you can read this list and not come away with fresh insights and a broader sense of the importance of getting your hiring right.

Ten things to read

  • Sam Altman on why hiring is probably the most important and certainly one of the hardest things a founder will do. Read more.
  • Nick Marsh introduces the concept of Talent Hacking, the creative application of technology and data to the problem of building new teams. Read more.
  • Brian Chesky on insights from one of the world’s leading VCs and the single most important piece of advice he got at Airbnb: Don’t fuck up the culture. Read more.
  • Steven Sinofsky on what to do when faced with the need to hire for a job you can’t do yourself. Read more.
  • Paul Graham looks at the ‘spread of smallness’ and why the best talent no longer gravitates automatically to large organizations. Read more.
  • Joel Spolsky gives his guerrilla guide to interviewing which will help you to hire the right programmers. Read more.
  • Mark Suster explains why your existence as a startup is irrelevant unless you continue to rapidly innovate and how this is only possible within a team. Read more.
  • Rand Fishkin on why your success will depend on your ability to choose short men; ie. challenge inherent bias in the hiring process. Read more.
  • Marc Andreessen dissects criteria and process: what to value when evaluating candidate and how to actually run the hiring process. Read more.
  • Mark Suster (yes, him again) explains how startups can level- up after raising a funding round. Read more.