A hiring plan that keeps everyone aligned

Get everyone on the same page... and keep them there. With Workable Hiring Plan, you’ll move out of the spreadsheets and into one centralized workspace, where info is always current and next steps and permissions are always clear. Manage requisitions. Track progress. Adjust as needed. And keep stakeholders (hello, Finance) aligned at every step. All in one place.

Approve of your approvals process


Focus on finding the right person for the job — not the person who approves the job req. Use a standard approval workflow, or customize one to meet the unique needs of your teams. Either way, stakeholders are automatically notified when action is required and status updates appear right in Workable, so everyone knows what’s up. And what’s next.

Take control of change


Feeling proactive? Monitor your hiring data in real-time to know when things are working — and justify action when they aren’t. Strategic pivot? Hiring Plan is dynamic, so it’s easy to make and approve changes to things you may find in flux, such as budgets, timelines and team needs.

Report on today, plan for tomorrow


With robust custom analysis, you can answer any question quickly — whether you’re testing a hypothesis or talking to the higher-ups. You can also analyze performance at a broader view to apply this year’s learnings to next year’s plan. Shareable reports help you make your case and get leadership and hiring teams on board.

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