Access rights and permissions

Workable makes it easy to set up hiring teams and manage roles and responsibilities. Assign specific roles for every job and track the outcome with activity reports.

Hiring team roles

Get the flexibility you need to set up a hiring team for every role. Hiring teams are created on a per-job basis and can include as many team members and recruiters as you need.


Admins can create and publish jobs and set up hiring teams in Workable. They have access to every part of the pipeline for every role. Admins can also access settings for your Workable account, like the company profile, templates and subscription plans.

Invite as many external recruiters as you need to submit candidates on a per-job basis. Add them to the job in Workable and they’ll receive an email with the details automatically. Recruiters only have access to view and comment on the candidates they supply.


Hiring team managers
One or more hiring managers can be assigned to a specific job. Usually department managers or senior employees, hiring team managers have access to the entire pipeline, including confidential comments and emails.

Hiring team members
Often at the same level or a level above the candidate, hiring team members can view candidate profiles and screen, progress or disqualify candidates. Hiring team members cannot see or create confidential comments or messages.


Hiring team reports

The Productivity Report is an activity dashboard – get an overview of all team activity and find out where the majority of recruiting effort is spent.

The Activity Report provides a complete audit trail of each hiring team’s activity. Export the data to focus on an individual team member or candidate.

Job credits are a convenient way to:

  • Centralize the payment of job posts
  • Keep the recruiting process up to speed
  • Purchase job ads with a manual invoice
  • Save time and paperwork

Job credits for
hiring teams

Posting to multiple job boards is a great way to get more candidates – but the purchase order process across large organizations can take up valuable time.

Workable’s pre-paid Job Credits streamline the purchase process, giving each hiring team the autonomy they need.

Pay for Job Credits upfront, and every Workable member at admin level can exchange them for premium posts on job boards, directly via Workable.

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