Interview kits and scorecards

When you’re hiring as a team you need accessible, actionable feedback. Interview kits create a structured hiring process and ensure that every candidate is assessed accurately and consistently.


Create the kits you
need for each stage

Every company has their own way of hiring. Use Workable to create an interview kit for each assessment stage (phone screen, first, second, third interview) to ensure that every candidate is asked the right questions and assessed consistently.


Templates to assess
shared needs

Companies have shared sets of values, departments have shared sets of needs. Use Workable to create templates for use across the company, or per department. Share these with hiring managers as they add custom questions for the role.


Share scorecards

Scorecards are effective – but not when the team can’t find them. Workable takes care of this automatically. As soon as candidates reach an assessment stage, the scorecard is added to the candidate’s profile, your upcoming schedule, and your Workable Inbox.

Complete on paper or online

If you’d rather take notes with a pen, print out the scorecard and add your notes to Workable when the interview is complete.
If prefer to work online, expand the view in Workable to show the scorecard and the candidate’s resume side by side. Choose whether to add notes to the scorecard, or a rating only.


See scorecard results
individually or in

When scorecards are complete, they’re available for review by the team. View each scorecard individually, or see the combined results on one scorecard. If some members of the team can’t make the interview but still have opinions to share, they can switch over to the basic candidate evaluation mode at any time. This will also be recorded on the aggregate view.

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