Once upon a time recruiting software was “the system”. It was expensive, it needed to be installed and you had to be trained to use it. Most of the time it was bought by people who were not the end users. Predictably, the user experience was miserable.

For the vast majority of small and medium-sized businesses the cost of “the system” outweighed its potential benefits. It was not designed for SMBs. So for them hiring came to mean hacking together a cheaper solution on the fly. This was often miserable too, just in a different way.

For both the legacy HR software users and the newcomers, the promise of modern recruiting software is the same: it will let you take control of the process.

Tim Sackett
Tim Sackett @TimSackett
Fistful of Talent Blogger

Recruiting technology has never been so affordable, meaning organizations no longer have an excuse not to have it. Great tech is so cheap now that if you don’t have it, you’re making a personal choice to stay in the dark ages of recruiting! For SMBs this has never been more real. SMBs can now have even better recruiting technology than their enterprise peers. While enterprise folks get big, vanilla-style recruiting technology, SMB shops can move faster to integrate the latest and greatest tech on the market. It’s such an exciting time to be in talent acquisition.

At the heart of this is the applicant tracking system (ATS). At its simplest and most powerful it brings together job posting and sharing in all forms with the ability to track candidates, build a shortlist, schedule interviews and make new hires.

An effective ATS should enable you to browse rich profiles of your candidates and work effectively with your hiring team on a platform that keeps your notes, communication, schedule, comments and analytics in one place.

An ATS like Workable removes data entry from the hiring process by allowing employers to accept applications in the form of LinkedIn profiles or resumes and parsing them. Instead of jumbled data, candidates are then viewable in a database where it’s easier to make decisions.

The essence of an effective process is efficiency and repeatability. The secret to making a process stick is to get your team to buy into it. A tool that your team likes using will foster teamwork. This in turn will translate into better hiring.