Snooze candidates

Nurturing great candidate relationships is all about saying the right thing at the appropriate time. Workable helps you build and maintain a talent pool with notes and reminders.


Pause communication

When you’ve found a great candidate but circumstances mean they’re not available for hire right now, put them on 'Snooze'. This is effectively pushing a pause button on the recruiting process.

Set the length of time you need before you contact them again and add notes to make sure your next communication is both timely and relevant.

Getting back in touch

When the 'snooze' period ends, you’ll receive an email notification reminding you to get back in touch. Any notes you’ve made will come with the reminder, so you can jump right in.


Use 'snooze' when:

  • You’ve sourced a great candidate who is interested in talking again in a few months time
  • You’ve received an application from a candidate who would be the perfect fit for a different job you’ll be hiring for soon
  • You’ve sourced a candidate who is currently studying but will be qualifying soon

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