Get personal

Email candidates direct from your Gmail Inbox

Workable's seamless integration with Gmail means your communication with candidates will now carry that extra personal touch


Run your recruitment straight from your Gmail Inbox

Enjoy all the advantages of using your Gmail without losing track of your communications with candidates.

The new integration will sync your Workable account with your Gmail, save you time and give your conversations with prospective hires that all-important personal touch.

Use your own voice

Your candidates will no longer receive email from an unfamiliar, impersonal email address. It comes straight from you

Import existing email threads

Already talking to prospective hires via Gmail? Import the thread to your Workable account and keep track of all hiring conversations in one place

All imported email threads will automatically sync

Forget about switching between Workable and Gmail as the integration will make sure you don't have to duplicate tasks

Write your own subject lines to candidates

Make your emails to candidates stand out with fully customisable subject lines

Reach out successfully to those passive prospects

Connect more effectively with the hard-to-reach passive candidates more likely to respond to personal email


Already using Workable?

Here's how to get set up:
Step 1

Go to 'recruiting preferences' and click 'enable Gmail integration' for your account. Now you and your team members will all be using your Gmail accounts to communicate with candidates.

Step 2

When you want to send an email to a candidate for the first time go to the candidate’s profile and click on the email icon. That’s when you’ll be prompted to connect your Google account.

Switch on Gmail integration

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