3 months free use of Workable for Tech Stars companies & alumni!

We know how you feel.

You're working against the clock with limited funds, hiring is only one of a bazillion things on your mind - yet, it's extremely important to staff your startup team with the right people.

We've been there. Twice. Now we're making software that helps small companies make their hiring, ehm... workable.

We want to give back to the startup community. So we're giving Workable free, for 3 months, to all TechStars companies & alumni. That's a $297 saving, not to mention the countless hours you'll save by managing your recruiting more efficiently.

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Your hiring, made Workable

Workable helps you manage your hiring by simplifying the collection, screening and evaluation of candidates. It's simple to get started with Workable and like you it's ready to grow quickly.

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What's included in the offer?

This offer is exclusive to Tech Stars companies & alumni.

You get 3 months free usage of our most popular plan which allows you unlimited collaborators, unlimited job applicants and up to 5 concurrent open jobs. You are entitled to full customer support and all privileges of normal paying customers - no caveats or small print.

The list price for this plan is $99/month, so you're saving $297, money you can spend to make a better product or reach your traction targets sooner.

We wish you all the best with your new venture.

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