Partners & Integrations

We partner with the biggest names and most popular tools in recruiting and HR. Which means you can access everything you need to make your next great hire — including skills tests, background checks, onboarding and more — without leaving Workable.


Transfer candidate data from Workable to your HRIS automatically to smooth the transition from candidate to employee.

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Enroll hired candidates into your onboarding process automatically to boost engagement and get them up and running faster.

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Job Advertising

Get your jobs seen by more candidates with one-click posting to Workable’s 200+ free and premium job board partners.

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Source candidates with specialist tools and automatically add them to your Workable hiring pipeline.

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Automatically post jobs to third-party referral platforms and track referrals in your pipeline. Or try Workable’s native referrals solution.

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Email & Calendar

Sync your Workable and company inboxes and calendars, so any action you take in one automatically appears in the other. Supports live video interviews via Google Hangouts.

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Evaluate talent with specialized assessment partners or Workable's native Assessments product. Send tests and view results right in Workable.

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Video Interviews

Send, watch and evaluate one-way video interviews straight from your Workable pipeline via third-party providers, or Workable’s native screening solution.

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Background Checks

Request and review secure pre-employment background checks, reference checks and drug tests directly via Workable. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant.

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Single Sign-on

Simplify sign-on with this secure, one-step authentication.

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Business Intelligence

Integrate your raw recruiting data (provided via Amazon Redshift) with your preferred business intelligence tools to access robust analytics and measure custom KPIs.

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Other Integrations

Whether you're serving employee surveys or using HR chatbots to improve your recruiting process, Workable has you covered. Connect to all kinds of tools or tap into our Zapier integration to connect your Workable with 2000+ apps.

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With Workable’s world-class Tech Solutions team, nothing is out of reach. Connect to Workable with a custom integration, built to meet your hiring needs.

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