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Getting the right candidates is the most effective route to making a great hire. Reach millions of job seekers in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America, and manage all your advertising in one place.

Post to the best free job boards

Posting on multiple job boards makes it easier to attract more candidates than ever before. Workable’s one-click approach enables you to post to 15+ free job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor.

Workable’s intuitive interface guides you through the job posting process. This helps to ensure that the job board’s own requirements are met, meaning that your job is posted faster.


job board integrations

Boost your job’s visibility and target the right candidates by promoting your job on premium job boards.

Connect existing job board accounts to use slots you’ve already purchased, and get recommendations for job boards that perform well in your target industry.

Streamline and speed up your job advertising by managing all your accounts in one place.


Pay Per Applicant plans

Take away the uncertainty of selecting the perfect job board, and keep a tight control of your budget. With a Pay Per Applicant plan, Workable will create a targeted advertising campaign distributed across a network of 1000s of relevant sites.

Instead of paying for views or clicks, you pay only for what really counts — the applications you receive. Each application is directed straight to your Workable recruiting pipeline. Get clear visibility on the success of your advertising spend.


Get the best from your advertising spend

Are you advertising jobs in the right places? Candidate source reports identify the origin of quality candidates. Use these metrics to optimize your advertising spend.


Connect Workable to any job board

Post to any job board outside Workable’s network with the job shortlink. Candidates will be directed to your careers site to apply and can be tracked in Workable.


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