Why have companies chosen Workable over Greenhouse?

Growing teams have told us it’s because our powerful sourcing and candidate management tools are wrapped up in an interface they actually like to use.

Does Workable have a
mobile app version of their
applicant tracking system?


Yes, the Workable mobile ATS app for iOS and Android is included as standard with every plan. Get access to candidate profiles, interview kits and more. Never miss out on a great candidate.

info icon How does Greenhouse do it?

Greenhouse provides a basic mobile app offering limited functionality only.

Can I customize my hiring pipeline with Workable?

Companies, departments and teams are all different, which means their hiring processes are different
too. So yes, Workable offers multiple hiring pipelines, each customized to your specification.

Workable dashboard

info icon How does Greenhouse do it?

Greenhouse allows any recruiter in the company to create pipelines on the fly, which is why accounts get
clogged with unnecessary duplicates, eg: ‘Account Manager / Account manager / account manager / Account
managers'. As a result, reporting is often confused or inaccurate.

Does Workable have a Chrome extension for
candidate sourcing and talent acquisition?

Yes. Save time on candidate sourcing with People Search. The most effective tool on the market,
People Search scans millions of online networks and multiple data sources in real-time. In one click,
access profiles featuring the details you need for personalized outreach, including email address,
social accounts, resumes and more.

info icon How does Greenhouse do it?

Greenhouse has no in-built sourcing capability.

How many job board integrations does Workable have?

Workable integrates with 180+ job boards. Reach millions of job seekers in North America, Europe, Asia and
Latin America and manage all your advertising in one place.

Workable job boards
+174 More

info icon How does Greenhouse do it?

Greenhouse have a limited selection of job boards available. Posting to job boards outside their network is a
manual process; create a tracking link, and then post to each job board individually.

How can I find out about pricing
for Workable's applicant
tracking system?


Talk to a member of the team, like Sophia. They’ll ask a few questions about the features you need, and walk you through the pricing plans available.

How quickly can I get up and running
with Workable?


Getting set-up with Workable takes just a few weeks. Depending on the plan you choose, we’ll implement custom features and organize training for you and your team.

info icon How does Greenhouse do it?

It takes a minimum of 6 weeks to get up and running
with Greenhouse.

What hours is Workable customer
support available?


Every Workable account has access to support from inside the app and via email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alternatively, just call – we’re also on the phone.

info icon How does Greenhouse do it?

The Greenhouse support team is available via Live Chat in US office hours only.

Does Workable offer interview kits?

Yes, Workable provides the option to create an interview kit and scorecard for every job. Create templates for the company or department, and allow teams to customize kits according to the specific role they’re hiring for. Designed for flexibility, Workable’s interview kits can be used to prepare for – and guide teams through – a structured interview, and to gather feedback during or after the interview process.

info icon How does Greenhouse do it?

Greenhouse interview kits are designed to be completed after the interview itself, based on skills, personality traits and requirements alone.

Does Workable offer
custom reporting capabilities?


Workable offers a suite of standard recruiting reports, including Candidate Source, Time to Hire, Hiring Velocity, Productivity and more. A preferred Tableau partner, Workable also offers custom integrations based on your raw recruiting data. Workable integrates with additional business intelligence tools including Charitio, Periscope, Google Sheets, Excel, Tibco and more.

Does Workable have an API available?


Yes. Use Workable’s API to create custom careers pages, manage information about your Workable account, or manage your candidates’ information in different ways. Workable also has a robust partner API, powering a huge range of integrations with external HRIS and recruiting tools.

What type of companies are using Workable?

Workable is trusted by over 6000 businesses of all sizes, from fast-growing start ups to established retail chains, media organizations and airlines. Talk to us to see how we can help you.

Workable Workable

Does Workable offer a free trial of their
applicant tracking system?

Of course! If you’d like to get started, sign up below – there’s no credit card required. Don’t forget to download the iOS or Android app, they’re also available as part of the trial.


We have reduced our cost per hire by 54%, reduced our agency utilization, increased our employee referrals by 3x, and also improved our process flows and communications with candidates.

Jay Schaufeld