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Launch your own job board with our full-featured job board software. Add value to your network and community while creating a new source of income for your organization. It’s easy, free and powered by Workable.

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“The branded job board gives the possibility for all of its members [...] to take advantage of the higher outreach it can achieve for them in terms of candidates”

Zisis Manouzas

Associate Advisor for Industry, Growth, Technology & Innovation - SEV

Zisis Manouzas
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“Workable allows our members direct access to the platform to create and post their own jobs - giving them control and reducing the capacity burden on us.”

Harry Shackleton

Commercial Director - TAF

Harry Shackleton
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“Becoming a Workable referral partner was really easy. My clients love their ATS and hiring system - so referring is a no-brainer for us.”

Clare Scott

COO - LGBT Great

Clare Scott

Power up your community with a branded job board

Realize the full potential of fostering new revenue streams, elevating membership benefits, and strengthening your community.

Grow a stronger brand and community

Position your brand as a trusted resource for jobs that are targeted and relevant for your community and attract a new audience that will help you grow your brand faster.

Attract and retain members

Provide new benefits for your members by giving them the power to post jobs for free, tapping into your network and supplying them with a new way to find candidates on a dedicated and specialized job board made for them.

Create a new source of revenue

Start collecting fees and commissions directly inside your branded job board platform and build a new income stream while providing more value. Choose how you monetize with options for featured job posts and revenue share if members buy Workable HR software.

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Ready to build your own job board?

Start growing your revenue while bolstering member benefits with the dynamic capabilities of a branded job board.

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"We researched lots of systems. Workable stood out as the most intuitive platform."

Holly Barnes

Head of People and Culture - Moodle

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"Someone on our team had used Workable before at a previous company and loved its user-friendly interface. We tried it out and immediately saw how easy it was to use."

Kelsey Bleakney

Manager of Recruiting & Employment Brand - JOEY Restaurants

Steps to reach outcomes

Workable is with you on your job board journey. We’ll guide you through these steps on your way to job board success.

  1. Starting out
    • Define your brand: Start by crafting a distinct brand identity that resonates with your target audience.

    • Build your platform: Utilize Workable to create your job board, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

  2. Growing your audience
    • Engage member companies: Prioritize engagement with key member companies, encouraging them to post jobs prominently.

    • Launch to your community: Introduce your platform to your community with a compelling launch.

    • Populate with jobs: Attract a wide range of job listings to provide ample opportunities for job seekers.

    • Administer for relevance: Regularly curate and optimize job listings for continued relevance.

  3. Delivering results
    • Nurture traffic growth: Implement Workable-recommended strategies to steadily increase organic traffic.

    • Enroll new members: Continue developing your user base by engaging jobseekers and hiring managers alike.

    • Offer premium listings: Enhance the user experience by providing premium job posting options.

    • Build trust: Become a trusted resource within your niche or industry to drive revenue and member engagement.

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Comprehensive and easy-to-use tools

Your brand

Branded to your organization’s needs with search functionality, various posting options for members and an intuitive application process.

Full control

Your team controls how the job board runs. Manage what jobs appear, ensuring relevant and high-quality posts and preventing misuse.

Powerful job syncing

Members have the option to automatically sync jobs they’ve posted on their careers page to your branded job board, making it easy to leverage

Easy job post creation

Companies in your community can create and post jobs directly through your branded job board, all with an easy-to-use interface.

Direct applications

Job posters receive applications right in their inbox with an easy-to-read and actionable format.

Intuitive jobseeker experience

Applicants can effortlessly find their next job with user-friendly features and a streamlined interface that makes the search and application process a breeze.

Insights & analytics

Workable shares reporting on your branded job board’s performance to help you understand the value you’re providing and uncover strategies to build awareness and usage of the member benefit.

Featured employers

Highlight key community member companies, boosting their jobs’ performance and strengthening your relationship.

Featured posts

A branded job board provides the option for members to prominently display their jobs via featured posts, reaching a wider audience and increasing visibility.

Workable’s network

Supercharge visibility with the power of our network. Workable’s network is used by millions of candidates, instantly expanding the talent pool for your member companies and dramatically expanding their reach.

Native Workable HR software integration

Members of your job board who are Workable HR software customers can seamlessly post a job offer to your job board, directly from Workable.

Blogging tools

Our integrated blogging options boost SEO for your branded board, while providing a way for you to engage your community by sharing valuable career-focused content.

API Connection

Provide the option to deliver applications directly to members’ hiring systems via Workable’s API.


Sleep soundly knowing your data is always safe and always accessible. We’re ISO-certified.


Reach our award-winning support team with questions any time.

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What are the costs, is it really free?

Yes, a branded job board from Workable is totally free for your organization to operate and for your members to utilize.

How long does it take to implement a job board?

Implementation takes about 4 weeks. During this time you’ll work with our implementation team to customize the components and branding of your board. Our team will complete the setup, providing training and guidance to ensure a successful launch.

What does it take to manage it?

Managing your branded job board is intuitive and user-friendly. We provide you with the necessary training and support to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Our team is also available to assist with ongoing maintenance and updates.

Is there any limit on jobs or usage?

No, there’s no limit on the number of jobs posted, users, member companies, or applications.

How can I earn revenue?

A branded job board provides multiple avenues to build revenue. Sell featured posts, featured company space and API connections, as well as earn commissions if members purchase Workable HR software

How much can I earn?

The revenue potential of your branded job board depends on various factors, including the size of your audience, industry demand, and pricing strategy. We can provide guidance on revenue projections during our collaboration discussions.

What can I customize?

From logos and background images, all the way down to the URL and premium post pricing, customize a look and experience that’s unique to your organization and aligned to your brand vision.

What size organizations does it work for?

Our branded job board solution is designed to cater to organizations of all sizes, from small communities to large associations. We'll collaborate with you to tailor the platform to your specific needs, ensuring it aligns with your organization's scale and goals.

What level of support is provided?

We’ll provide direct 1:1 guidance with continued collaboration after your board launches to help build traffic and engagement. We also offer global support via email.

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Let’s grow together

Talk to us about your mission and discover how Workable can help you build revenue and help your members hire.

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