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Workable is the most popular recruiting software, trusted by over 6000 companies to streamline their hiring. From posting a job to sourcing candidates, Workable provides the tools you need to manage multiple hiring pipelines. Transparent communication, organized candidate profiles, structured interviews and a full reporting suite gives hiring teams the information they need to make the right choice. Workable is available for desktop and mobile.

Our story

Workable team

For years, we recruited for fast-growing companies. We trekked through forests of resumes and down bottomless email threads. We roughed it with clunky applicant tracking software and giant spreadsheets, all the while wrestling to coordinate interviews and feedback. At some point it got personal. We make software. Surely we could do better.

Hiring software as it should be

Mirto and Eleni Aggelos

We dreamt of software that was already hooked up to major job sites. Single-submission posting to all the important job boards. Why not make it as easy to browse candidates as it is to follow friends on social networks. We wanted career sites that updated themselves. And good-looking job ads. One-click applications. Candidate timelines that showed the ‘when and why’ of who made the shortlist.

We wanted hiring software that would enable you to ‘message’ candidates and keep track of comments in context. Why not bring resumes to life by combining them with social media profiles? And all of this in a beautiful design.

We wanted small and medium businesses, to be given a well-rounded hiring process in less than a day -- even those without an HR professional. For as little as $99 a month we wanted to offer the kind of recruiting system big companies pay millions for.

Recruiting made Workable

And here we are. Usable, likeable hiring software. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. It’s built for teams. It’s on the cloud, it doesn’t need a manual, it gets the job done. It is Workable.

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Nikos Moraitakis

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Spyros Magiatis


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