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From job description to offer letter, Workable provides the tools you need to discover and delight more candidates and decide who’s best for your business, fast.

Essential features
for exceptional hiring

200+ free and premium job boards

When you submit a job ad, Workable automatically posts it to up to 200+ job sites at once to make sure you reach more people in less time.

Language options

Translate every step of your hiring process — from job post to job offer — with native language options, available in six languages.

Automated Actions

Speed up time to hire by automating repetitive tasks and emails. Develop custom email templates, then create automation by job, department or hiring stage.

1000+ job description templates

Get moving faster with 1000+ job description templates, all optimized for search and job board performance — and ready to copy and paste.

Centralized hiring dashboard

Workable’s intuitive dashboard gives users a real-time view of what’s up, what’s next and what’s left to do for each job and every candidate.

Convenient interview scheduling

Reduce admin with candidate self-scheduling, one-click calendar integrations and scheduling support for multi-part and two-way live interviews.

Branded careers pages

Create a great careers page, no coding required. Each page is mobile-friendly, and includes search, filtering and auto-fill applications by default.

Email and calendar sync

Workable syncs with Google, Outlook and other popular email and calendar apps, so you can keep in touch with candidates and teams in any inbox.

Offer letters and approval workflows

Speed up executive sign-off and get candidate signatures faster with offer letter templates, approval workflows, e-signatures and more.

400m searchable candidate profiles

Workable’s People Search technology helps you filter 400 million candidate profiles by your ideal criteria to quickly source your ideal candidates.

Top-rated mobile app

Available for iOS and Android, Workable’s 4-star mobile app helps teams keep hiring moving, even when they’re not behind a desk.

Advanced reporting and analytics

Instantly see and share the data that matters with automated reports. Or dig deeper on your own — Workable integrates with your favorite BI tools.

AI-powered candidate recommendations

After analyzing your job ad, AI Recruiter searches 400 million candidate profiles to find the most qualified — then adds them right to your pipeline.

Hiring team rights and roles

Simplify hiring team collaboration with tools that manage confidentiality and define which users can (and should) perform which tasks.

GDPR, CCPA & EEOC/OFCCP compliance

Navigate local, national and international law with automated tools and reports that take the effort out of compliance, wherever you’re hiring.

Automated targeted outreach

With the click of a button, Workable’s AI identifies 1000+ of your top passive candidates, then displays your job ad in their social media feeds.

Interview kits and scorecards

Ensure fair and objective evaluations with guided tools that ensure hiring teams ask questions and assess candidates consistently.

World-class security

Your data’s in good hands: Workable is ISO-certified, which means we meet the highest worldwide security and data protection standards.

Advanced referrals

Tap your employees and their networks to source qualified candidates with advanced referrals, a turnkey platform for referrals and internal jobs.

Video Interviews

Screen candidates at scale with Video Interviews, Workable's native, premium one-way screening tool — and faster alternative to phone screens.

70+ third-party tools, built right in

We integrate with 70+ recruiting and HR tools, so you can assess, background check and onboard your next great employee, all in Workable.

Candidate-friendly applications

Make it easy for candidates to apply, wherever and whenever they’re ready, with mobile-friendly, auto-fill forms and one-click application support.

Requisition and budgeting workflows

Keep stakeholders aligned with a centralized workspace for budgeting, hiring and requisition approval workflow management.

Onboarding and implementation

Our dedicated product specialists will have your teams up and running in days, not months — and remain available to answer questions at any time.

Email templates and bulk actions

Send thoughtful, on-brand emails at scale using Workable’s customizable email templates and bulk email functionality.

Custom pipelines

Hire how you like to with pipelines that can be customized to reflect your unique hiring needs and processes.

Award-winning support

Don’t let a question slow you down. Our award-winning support team responds to call or chat inquiries in less than 25 seconds.


Modernize your candidate experience and make it easy to reach candidates quickly, wherever they are.


Our cognitive and personality pre-employment tests are backed by science and delivered directly through the Workable platform.

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