Hands-on access
to your recruiting data

As well as the standard suite of recruiting reports available with every Workable plan, we can provide direct access to your raw recruiting data via Amazon Redshift. Integrate this with your preferred business intelligence tools like Tableau, Periscope, Tibco and more for visual reports and robust analytics based on your most important key recruiting metrics.

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Making metrics work for you

The recruiting industry uses a broad range of KPIs. There is no single agreed metric and every business has its own needs. Get hands-on access to the data and make recruiting analytics your competitive advantage. Create custom reports to track the metrics most relevant to your team and combine data from different sources.

Create and track your own reports and KPIs

Get access to your recruiting data to enable the discovery and tracking of recruitment metrics, KPIs and reports.

Create bespoke recruitment dashboards

Every company has its own goals and recruitment challenges which can change over time. Use the raw recruiting data from Workable to create bespoke recruitment dashboards that address your shifting priorities.

Dig deeper and use the analytical power of business intelligence software

To get into the granular details of a hiring process sometimes you need to use software built specifically for in-depth data analysis. Integrate Workable recruiting data with your own business intelligence software.

Keep recruiting metrics alongside your most important KPIs

Hiring is the toughest part of maintaining a healthy, growing business. So give recruiting metrics equal footing with sales, marketing or finance data in business intelligence tools, KPI dashboards (like Geckoboard) and more.

Integrate reports with other business tools

Integrate any of your candidate, job or activity data with other business tools like your HRIS, performance review software, onboarding tools or others.

Two ways to set up custom reports

Workable provides options to access your recruiting data, depending on your current setup and
preferred way of working. Contact us for further details:

A Managed Data Warehouse

Workable will host a dedicated database instance for you to connect to your suite of business intelligence tools

Self Hosted Data

If you run your own data warehouse we will push daily updates from Workable to your existing infrastructure


standard reporting suite

Workable provides a full suite of recruiting reports with every plan. Identify the source of quality candidates, keep tabs on your response times, check the status of your hiring pipeline and the performance of your team. Optimize your time to hire and meet EEO/OFCCP compliance with
automatic EEO reporting.