Applicant tracking system:
Everything you need to know

An ATS is software that helps you manage your hiring process from start to finish. Workable’s world-class ATS is a powerful tool for recruiters and hiring teams that sources the best-fit passive candidates for every job.

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How Workable can help?

Workable’s applicant tracking system streamlines your hiring process so you can find the right person, in half the time.

How does an applicant tracking
system work?

A good ATS gives recruiters and hiring managers the tools and functionality they need to
source, evaluate and hire the best candidates, faster.

Top applicant
tracking features

One-click job board posting

Candidate sourcing

Requisition workflow

Branded career site

Interview scheduling

Job and offer templates

Employee referrals

Resume parsing

Reports and analytics

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Job Posting

Workable's 200+ job board access ensures optimal job visibility.


Sourcing Candidates

Workable offers AI-driven auto-sourcing from 400M+ profiles.


Candidate Evaluations

Workable scorecards enable more equitable hiring.



Our best in class app offers unprecedented functionality.


Applicant Data Management

Stay secure and compliant when you use Workable.



Self-scheduling and automated emails save our customers hundreds of hours.



Easily connect Workable to hundreds of other tools.


Implementation Time

Workable's intuitive setup ensures swift onboarding.


Frequently asked questions

What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system or ATS is a software application helping companies structure and organize their hiring process by automating time-consuming administrative hiring tasks. An ATS enables hiring managers and recruiters to attract, source, interview and evaluate candidates faster and more efficiently.

How do applicant tracking systems work?

ATSs follow all the stages of the candidate lifecycle and centralize everything in a comprehensive hiring dashboard. With an ATS, you can automatically publish job descriptions to job boards, quickly sort through applicants’ CVs and automate candidates’ video screening. You can also schedule candidate interviews, evaluate candidate applications and collaborate with everyone involved in the hiring process to make sure you are hiring the right candidates.

Why do you need an applicant tracking system?

Using an applicant tracking system enables recruiting teams to hire faster. With an ATS, your hiring process and candidate pipeline is more efficient. You can attract more applicants, quickly filter out non-relevant applications and easily identify the best candidates to move forward. Another benefit of an ATS is the visibility you have on all your hiring initiatives by centralizing all the aspects of the hiring process. No more lost CVs and candidates waiting for a follow-up. No more endless meetings with your hiring team to make a decision. An ATS makes hiring simple and efficient.

How much does an applicant tracking system cost?

The cost of an Applicant Tracking System can range anywhere from free to $100K. The classic business model for ATSs is to offer a monthly or annual subscription price with standard or premium add-on features depending on the specific needs of the company using the ATS solution. Startups and small businesses typically don't have as many applicants and positions to fill as Enterprise organizations. Enterprise organizations may manage thousands of applicants across multiple departments. They usually require more premium features, and typically pay more. In the end, ATS costs adapt to the needs of the company using it and that’s why they have a wide price range.

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