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Getting great candidates is the single most important task in hiring. Workable integrates with People Search, a powerful sourcing tool, for instant email and resume look-up.

Find prospects on the sites you use every day


People Search is a Chrome extension for talent sourcing. A single search will scan millions of online profiles to retrieve candidate details including email addresses, resumes and more.

Anyone can use People Search for free with a limited monthly quota. For unlimited use, upgrade to a Recruiter License.


Get the
complete picture

Contact candidates in less clicks and increase response rates.
Reach out to prospects directly with an email to their personal inbox. People Search automatically scans millions of online profiles and trusted data sources to discover email addresses and contact details.

Improve your talent pipeline
Qualify every prospect and get to know candidates before you reach out. Discover their key interests, see contributions to online networks and verify their social graph.

Review resumes and work experience
No matter where you source talent online, People Search builds a full candidate profile, including work experience and education. Information is aggregated from multiple sources in real-time and organized into a unified candidate profile.

No data entry
If you’re using Workable, discover which candidates are already in your pipeline; see the job they’ve applied for and the latest evaluations from the hiring team. Add new prospects to your Workable account with one click. Profiles are also available as a PDF download to all People Search users.

People Search is a Workable product. It only searches data that has been shared publicly online. This comes from social and professional networks, and vetted third parties. See the Workable privacy policy for further information.

A recruiting toolkit for sourcing talent online

People Search is a complete social sourcing toolkit. Discover more about each prospect in less time and ensure all the talent in your pipeline has what it takes to become a successful hire.

  • Workable

    Look up candidates
    by name

    Already have the name of a great candidate? Click the Workable icon to open the search window and enter the name directly.

  • Workable

    Right click

    Discovered a great prospect online? Highlight any name online and right click to view a full profile in real time.

  • Workable

    Social media

    Find candidates on Facebook, Angel.List, Twitter, Github, Dribbble and Behance. Use People Search to view a full candidate profile.

Request a People Search Pilot

People Search is made by Workable and integrated with every Workable account – but you don’t need Workable to use it. Talk to us to find out how People Search can transform your candidate sourcing.


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