Find, qualify & engage candidates faster

You can’t make a great hire without great talent in your pipeline.
Workable’s AI-powered tools source high-quality candidates you can’t (or don’t have time) to find yourself.

Think of Workable as your online candidate search engine. Searching for talent with Workable is fast and far-reaching. It takes seconds to scan millions of online profiles and multiple data networks.

There are four different ways to find candidates with Workable. Each results in a list of detailed candidate profiles including: resume, contact details, social profiles and more.

Source candidates automatically


Use our smart technology to source candidates automatically as soon as your req’s approved. Auto-Suggest analyzes your job description and performs a complex Boolean search in seconds. The result is a list of up to 200 qualified access for standard members of the hiring team, or external recruiters.

Create your own complex search


If you prefer to look for candidates manually, use People Search. Apply filters such as keywords, location and previous employment. Or craft and save your own complex Boolean query. A single search scans millions of online sources.

Run hyper-targeted social media ads


With the click of a button, run AI-powered, hyper-targeted job ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram through Workable. Our Campaigns tool targets 1000+ qualified candidates per job to deliver on average 10-20 applicants to your pipeline. Perfect for hard-to-fill roles.

Search candidates when browsing online


With our Chrome extension you can source candidates even when you’re not logged onto Workable. Highlight any name to open a window showing a candidate profile. See at a glance if they’re already in Workable. If they’re not, add them in a couple of clicks.


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