The power of plain speaking

Whichever job title you choose for your job advertisement, remember that it will be displayed in job listings, on your own website and in search results. While you might think of a job title one way, your candidates could be busy searching for something else. The answer is to do some research to make sure your title is something a jobseeker would look for on Google or Bing. While a designer might reasonably expect to search using the term “designer”, this won’t help them to find your posting if you’ve used the job title, “graphical ninja”. Clarity of writing comes from clarity of thought. Speech bubbles: If in doubt keep it simple

Exceptions to the rule

Not everyone agrees with this approach. Github, the programming repository, is comfortable asking for “bad-ass Ruby specialists”. The power of their brand means people head directly to their careers page or search “GitHub jobs” to see what opportunities are out there. It works for them but think seriously about whether it works for you. If in doubt keep it simple.

Tech tricks to inform your choice: