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December 2018

Workable, Inc. announces new partnership with Click Boarding

Integrated tools to automate and standardize onboarding and engage new hires

Today, Workable announced its partnership with onboarding platform, Click Boarding. Part of Workable’s ongoing mission to help companies find, track and hire great talent, this new partnership forms a complete, end-to-end Talent Acquisition solution. And it puts new hire onboarding, often the broken link in the hiring chain, within reach of ambitious companies using Workable everywhere, regardless of size.

“Integrating with Click Boarding was an easy decision for us,” said Rob Long, Workable’s VP of Partnerships. “Click Boarding share our belief that delivering a great candidate experience from application to the first day in the office should be something every company can offer. This integration makes that even simpler for our customers, who we are, first and foremost, here to help.

From posting jobs to tracking candidates and running background checks, Workable is widely hailed as the first Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that teams actually enjoy using.

“Hiring through an applicant tracking system was a new thing for everyone. They were all used to doing everything through emails and spreadsheets. But we’ve had 100% take-up and engagement from the start. And now everything’s in Workable.” said Gretchen Bradley, ownerIQ HR Generalist.

By connecting employee engagement with streamlined HR administration, Click Boarding simplifies the process for both employees and HR managers. It also accelerates time to productivity and increases employee engagement and retention.

“Click Boarding was the only solution that provided the level of security we needed and at the same time improved employee communication, streamlined multiple concurrent HR process flows and eliminated the administrative headache of onboarding 15,000 candidates annually. They are a great partner to USAA.” said Dan Remmers of USAA.

Now working seamlessly together, customers of Workable and Click Boarding can increase employee retention and improve their employer brand by providing a seamless, enriched experience for candidates and new hires.

About Workable

Workable is used by 6,000 companies globally. With global support, its intuitive system is one teams actually like to use. Attract candidates via a huge network of job boards, referrals and social recruiting. Source candidates with built-in sourcing tools or via your external recruiters. Track candidates through the hiring process with fast interview scheduling, a structured interview process and effective collaboration. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your process with recruiting reports. Find out more at: https://www.workable.com/about

About Click Boarding

Click Boarding creates successful onboarding and transition experiences that extend the employer brand through the onboarding journey and streamline the administrative process for both HR and the employee. Click Boarding actively engages employees and provides on demand access to the information they need, and brings them into new culture even before Day One— with any new company, department, or team. Find out more at: https://www.clickboarding.com


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