Create employee referral programs

Harness the power of your employee network by inviting co-workers to refer candidates. Workable’s powerful referral tools mean that all you need is a name to get started.


The problem

Referrals can be one of the most effective sources of quality candidates. The only problem is that many referrals are just a name – no resume. This makes a fast assessment impossible. Workable’s powerful referral tool solves this problem.


The solution

Invite your employees to refer candidates through Workable. All they need is a name and Workable will search millions of online social and professional networks.

The result is an organized candidate profile, including details like current job title and resume, skills and contact information.

All it takes a single click for your co-workers to add a profile directly to your recruiting pipeline, no need for data entry.

The source of each referral is tracked, making it easy to establish a policy, create referral programs and offer employee referral bonuses or rewards.

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