Background checks & EEO

Performing a compliant background check can be complex process. EEO/OFCCP reports are essential, but time consuming. Workable makes these tasks easier, with less data entry and less admin.

Built in EEO compliance

If you operate a business in the USA with 15 or more staff, or you’re a contractor or subcontractor for the US government, you’ll need to comply with EEO laws and OFCCP regulations. Workable will help you stay compliant, without the hassle of data entry.


The Equal Opportunity
Employer disclaimer

When you post a job via Workable, your company careers site will display an Equal Opportunity Employer disclaimer. Applicants will have the option to fill out the voluntary EEO survey directly after applying for a job, or they’ll receive an email with a friendly reminder to come back and complete it later.


Tracking reasons for disqualification

Tracking the reason for disqualifying a candidate is required as part of the EEO report. Workable makes this easy; as you move to disqualify a candidate, simply select a reason from the list provided or enter a custom response of your own.


Automatic survey
and reporting

Workable records the data provided by candidates and your hiring teams, producing compliant reports, on a job or candidate level. View these reports within Workable or export your data into a .csv format.

Pre-employment screening

  • Social Security Number (SSN) validation
  • Address history
  • Sex Offender list
  • Global watchlist
  • National criminal search
  • One county criminal search
  • Option to include a motor vehicle report

FCRA Compliant
Background Checks:

Pre-employment background checks are fast, secure and fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Fulfilled by specialists Checkr, they’re available direct from your Workable account.

Using electronic signatures to cut out the paperwork, Checkr will verify your company, provide written disclosure and a full audit trail, and ensure that you have the required consent to carry out the check. There are two reports to choose from, Standard or Professional.

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