Candidate management

Develop and engage your candidate database

Intuitive candidate management options make Workable easy for the entire recruiting team to get started with. Stay organized and on track with your hiring with a candidate database, automatic recordkeeping, and fully customizable data fields.

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A comprehensive candidate database

Workable automatically builds a database with your applicants, passively sourced candidates, referrals and more. Candidates in Workable become instantly searchable through your database with options like these for filtering and interacting:

  • Boolean search for skills and experience
  • Bulk actions to organize candidates and maintain their engagement
  • Tagging to narrow down the list for exactly the right skills

Keep detailed records, automatically

The candidate timeline records every action that’s taken with a candidate, providing a full audit trail of their experience and your process. See exactly when actions were taken and stay up to date on what’s next. Interview feedback, file uploads, notes and every action is logged so you can reduce errors and improve accountability.

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Customizable candidate profiles

Candidate profiles come equipped with the basics so you can collect all the important details as soon as you start. Customize further to track candidate information that’s important to your business by adding your own profile fields. Plus, set the visibility level for sensitive data like expected or offered salary.

An intuitive way to review candidates

The candidate browser provides an instant snapshot of candidates’ progress so the hiring team can see exactly where they need to take action. Quickly switch between hiring stages, sort and compare candidates, and keep things moving for swift and effective hiring.

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Take action with candidates

The tools to manage candidates are front and center. A dynamic action bar that will show the right interaction options at the right point in your hiring process. Customize and control how the team interacts with candidates to:

  • Send emails, texts and event invites
  • Complete scorecards, use video interviews and send assessments
  • Discuss comments and evaluations as a team, then disqualify or move ahead
  • Organize candidates with options for snoozing, tagging and more

Work in bulk to work faster

Use bulk actions to keep candidates informed and moving through the hiring process while reducing time spent on tedious and routine tasks. Email template customization enables clear and accurate messaging for bulk outreach. Candidate management controls help with moving and organizing. Take advantage of bulk actions to:

  • Manage your best candidates as a group
  • Send disqualification emails
  • Schedule assessments or video interviews
  • And more...
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