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An intuitive interface makes Workable easy for hiring managers to use. With all information in one secure place and integrations with your email and calendar tools, hiring teams can quickly adopt Workable and engage with the hiring process.

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2-way email & calendar sync

Workable can connect with any inbox and calendar so your team is always up to speed on candidates’ replies and upcoming interviews. Advanced Gmail and Microsoft 365 integrations bring even more functionality to the table like arranging self-scheduled events for coworkers, and getting more insight on coworker availability.

Hiring progress at a glance

An easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard means your hiring team can adopt Workable in no time. See job statuses and candidate progress all in one spot and take action to move candidates through your pipeline.

Workable graphic of hiring progress at a glance
Workable graphic to stay informed and take action quickly

Stay informed and take action quickly

Connect with new candidates, approve (or deny) requests from teammates and stay in the loop so that you can hire quickly. Notifications go to the hiring team’s email with the option for push notifications through the Workable mobile app. The Inbox and Agenda in Workable outline what’s next so that hiring doesn’t fall behind.

Stay up to date in Slack

Easily connect your Workable account to your Slack workspace to keep the hiring team in sync. Once enabled, each user can pick and choose which notifications to receive in Slack, bringing them back into Workable at the right time.

Receive up to 17 different notifications when there are new:

  • Candidates
  • Internal comments
  • Evaluations
  • E-signed documents or offer letters
  • Offer letter approval requests
  • Requisitions and requisition approval requests
  • Completed Video Interviews
Stay up to date in Slack
Workable graphic of notes and action items, accessible all in one place

Notes and action items, accessible all in one place

When hiring teams are aligned they make better decisions. Use comments for team discussions, storing notes and file sharing. You’ll have a full record of everything that happened with a candidate - all in one secure place.

Easy & controlled sharing

Gather feedback from coworkers or references with candidate profile sharing. Control access and send candidate details to get comments, start discussions and prepare for interviews. An intuitive interface means it’s easy to find key information and provide feedback.

Workable graphic of easy & controlled sharing

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