Build inclusive
hiring practices

Your employees flourish when they are encouraged to be
their best, most authentic selves at work. Creating a safe and equitable workplace space starts with hiring, which is why we've developed solutions to cultivate inclusivity and support diversity at every stage of the hiring process.

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Measure your impact

Understand DEI performance within your hiring strategies and evaluate ways to improve with Workable.

Develop more inclusive hiring practices

With Candidate Surveys, collect anonymized applicant data to understand candidate demographics, identify sources that generate more diverse candidates, monitor pipeline performance by demographic, and improve inclusion within the company.

  • Identify gaps or drop-off in the hiring process that may suggest unconscious or conscious biases with the Candidate Survey by Pipeline report
  • Identify which sources generate more diverse candidates with the Candidate Survey by Source report and actively invest in these channels

In addition to Candidate Surveys, Workable offers US companies a fully EEO/OFCCP compliant application process, including voluntary surveys and reporting.

Want to learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion?

Our comprehensive study dives into the disconnect in the workplace over who should lead DEI initiatives and how, despite an amplified and unified call to action for change.

Read our diversity, equity & inclusion report

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