E-signature documents

Offers and NDAs, approved, sent and signed at the right time

For faster executive sign off, a quick and easy candidate experience and a full timeline of documentation, use custom e-signable documents. And even better – they’re mobile friendly.

Create and manage custom, e-signable templates

Create and manage custom, e-signable templates

Build documents with your branding. Upload templates using placeholders so you can fill in key details accurately when it’s time to hire. Eliminate errors and get offers out quickly to get your new hire’s commitment and beat out the competition.

Send offer details for approval

Easily design workflows to get stakeholders involved in the offer process. A chain of approvers can be sent the key details of an offer with the ability to approve or reject before it’s shared with the candidate.

  • Spot check for errors
  • Loop in Finance or HR members
  • Keep a record of approved and rejected offers
Send offer details for approval
Get e-signatures anywhere

Get e-signatures anywhere

An intuitive experience and clear messaging means it’s easy for candidates to sign and accept – whether on desktop or mobile. You’re notified every step of the way and can see if a candidate has viewed your offer, signed or missed the acceptance deadline. A copy of any signed document is automatically added to the candidate’s profile and they’ll receive their own copy as well.

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