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Workable helps you build and promote your brand where your next candidates are. You’re always top of mind, whether they’re actively looking or not.

“We can tap into a rich talent pool using built-in sourcing tools. So, essentially, we get an ATS and a far- reaching and targeted online candidate search engine rolled into one.”

Jenny McMaster testimonial for Workable

Jenny McMaster

Business Support Manager, InnoWell

Automate your sourcing efforts

In our digital era, Workable boosts your online presence and makes you stand out. Whether checking a personal email inbox or scrolling through job sites on their couch, target candidates where they are.

Get others involved

Help others help you. Advanced referrals taps your employees and their networks to find your next great hire, all tracked on one internal platform. Invite your external recruiters to Workable to collaborate seamlessly and track their impact.

Triple your referrals and promote your own

Engaging referral platform for employees

It’s easy for employees, and easier for you. We’ll notify employees of new openings automatically, and give them unique sharing links so they can share your jobs with their networks. With their own reports, employees can track their referrals and view any rewards you’re offering.

Internal applications

Create your own internal application and automatically notify your employees about new jobs that you’d like to fill from within. Your internal jobs can now follow the same process as external jobs. They get a chance to grow. You save time and money. Everybody wins.

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