A list of the best candidates every time you post a job

We partner with over 200+ job boards, but we know that’s only a piece of the puzzle. The power of a full sourcing team comes with every Workable plan.

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Workable’s approach

Partner with
data providers

Workable partners with data providers to access publicly available information

Organize data into
candidate profiles

Workable’s data science team found a way to compile and organize public data into 400+ million profiles

Build tools to find
the best for your job

From a full boolean search of 400+ million profiles to advanced AI that knows exactly who you’re looking for

AI Recruiter

Instant sourcing

AI Recruiter is the engine that powers Workable’s most advanced features. While you’re creating your job, AI Recruiter reads your job description and runs a search for the best passive and existing candidates. You’ll have a list of the top candidates before you even publish.

  • Find best-fit candidates instantly

  • Run ad campaigns to candidates on FB and IG

  • Resurface existing candidates

  • Integrated into every job

  • Works in the background

  • Included on all plans

People Search

Boolean searching

Is your team already incredible at sourcing? Let’s make them better with People Search, a full boolean search of 400M+ professionals and a chrome extension that finds a profile for anyone - on the fly. Your team will love having powerful sourcing tools built right into their ATS.

  • Rich profiles with contact info

  • Full boolean support

  • Expected salary for each passive candidate

  • Pin your best searches for later

  • Quick add into any job


Get others involved

Turn your employees into your best recruiters and manage your entire referral process with Workable Referrals. With optional rewards for each job, social share tracking and an employee referral dashboard, it’s helped Workable customers receive 110 candidates and 5 hires on average.

Learn more about Workable Referrals
  • Custom referral questions

  • Internal application process

  • Custom internal application questions

  • Gamified rewards and tracking

  • Employee dashboard

  • New job alerts

Workable Chrome extension

Connect with top talent

Quickly add candidates to Workable with our Chrome extension. Access both candidates from your database and profiles from Jobs by Workable, wherever you are online. 

Plus, discover the direct connectivity between Workable and LinkedIn. As a preferred partner with LinkedIn, we’ve made sourcing passive candidates easier than ever— effortlessly add LinkedIn profiles directly to Workable with just a click through the Chrome extension.

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