Hire talent faster

With Texting, you can screen talent faster and schedule interviews sooner. Texts have a 98% open rate and a 60x faster response time than email. 95% of all text messages are read within 90 seconds, meaning you can get in front of candidates faster.

at scale

Deliver a highly personalized candidate experience at scale, with text message templates designed for different stages of the recruiting pipeline. Choose from pre-built templates or create your own - Texting is here to help you personalize with ease.

Engage candidates

Communicate with candidates directly from the Workable platform or mobile app. Candidates can quickly read and respond to messages from their mobile devices, so you can reach them wherever they are.

It all happens right in Workable

With Texting, a native solution from Workable, there’s no need to integrate
with another system or download a new app.

Each job posted on your account is assigned a phone number based on the job’s location

Easily text candidates straight from the assigned number, either online or on the app

Candidates can receive and send texts back whenever
they want

The hiring team can easily track all communications on the candidate timeline

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