Most recruiters report that at least 50% of job hunters don’t possess the basic qualifications for the jobs they are pursuing. Applicant tracking systems came about when employers needed a way to deal with this flood of pointless resumes.

Today’s ATS systems are developed to scan for keywords, employment history and college records to identify viable candidates. The best ATS now available will take the data entry out your hiring and leave you time to concentrate on the chewy human question of who you should hire and work with.

Mini Case Study: Josh Pigford, CEO Baremetrics

Managing the job post and applications There are a number of recruiting apps for this process, and we ultimately landed on Workable. The price was right and the tool worked well. A lot of people just use a “jobs” email address, but I wasn’t jazzed about organizing and responding to the applicants just via email. Workable has some additional tools that make it really easy to handle larger volumes of applications, and it saved a ton of time.

Using recruiting software means you don’t have to stitch together spreadsheets, email and elaborate filing systems. The advantage of an applicant tracking system is that it provides seamless and customizable collaboration features so that you’re always in the loop.

Applicant tracking systems help employers by providing a business process to follow during recruiting.

  • Save time recruiting by automating job board posting, resume submission, and pre-screening
  • Open the way to better candidates with standardized metrics and access to a pipeline of previous successful applicants
  • Standardize your hiring so you don’t have to reinvent the process each time
  • Keep you compliant with hiring laws
  • Give you a headstart on employee retention with better screened and qualified candidates

We just started using Workable on a suggestion of a good friend who runs an HR software company and has "seen it all." The reason I asked his advice is we were starting the hiring process for a number of new positions and was hoping to find a better way of managing the incoming applications. Last time we did a key hire, we got more than 100 applicants in two weeks. With our old process, it was overwhelming and unmanageable. So, we decided to try Workable. In just one week of use, I can say already that Workable is the right solution for us. We’ve already received dozens of quality applicants. More importantly (and the reason we are trying it), we’re finding the process of managing the applications much easier and much more effective. Compared to the old way (manually keeping track in Excel and file folders), it’s night and day.

Streamline your recruiting with Workable

Workable is affordable, online recruiting software. Post jobs to all the major job boards with one click. Review and manage candidates from your desktop or smartphone.

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