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It’s a common recruiting mistake to think that your best candidates will definitely accept your job offer. After all, they’re likely someone else’s best candidate, too. To stay competitive and hire the best people fast, your offer process needs to be as efficient as your recruiting process. This Workable guide includes resources to help you overcome job offer challenges, with tips on how to write and negotiate better offers and design a better job offer process.

Table of contents:

  • Get more out of your offer process
  • Writing the offer letter
  • How to speed up the offer timeline
  • Navigating offer negotiations
  • Measure your offer process success
  • How Workable helps you optimize the job offer process

In this guide:

  • How to write a job offer letter and email
  • Ways to tactfully navigate offer negotiations
  • Advice for dealing with candidate rejections
  • Steps to take after candidates say ‘yes’
  • Metrics to measure the success of your offer letters
  • How to create a reliable job offer process with Workable
About the authors
Rohma Abbas

Rohma Abbas
Content Marketing Manager

Rohma is the Content Marketing Manager at Workable. She's interested in stories about women and diversity in the workplace. She reads and writes with an open mind, and she tweets @rohma_abbas.

Nikoletta Bika

Nikoletta Bika
HR Content Writer

Nikoletta is a researcher and writer at Workable. She writes about the nuts and bolts of HR and recruiting, with a particular interest in interviews. Find her on Twitter, @Nikoletta_Bika.

Christina Pavlou

Christina Pavlou
HR Content Writer

Christina is a writer and researcher at Workable. She writes about HR trends and reports on the shape of the things to come. She tweets @ChristinaPaulou.

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We all found it really easy to set up; straightforward and transparent. Being able to use it from Day One with no training was a real bonus for us as we desperately needed to start hiring and building our team.

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