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Required reading if you're hiring for the hotel business

The hotel hiring boom is here to stay but serious challenges remain for hiring managers. It's often overlooked that turnover is higher in this industry than almost any other. What can employers do to harness current trends and to create long-term possibilities for employees?

As a professional involved in the hiring of hotel employees, what should you be aware of? Get the expertise and insight you need to gain a vital competitive advantage. All the analysis, job descriptions, interview questions and letter templates you need in one free eBook.

Room Numbers

23 %
The hospitality industry is set to grow 23% faster than the rest of the global economy
2.5 secs
A new job is added in the hospitality sector every 2.5 seconds
8 %
8 percent of all jobs in the United States are in hospitality

Things You’ll Learn

  • How to ask the right questions Model interview questions that will help you make the right hire.
  • Navigate the skills gap Learn where the hiring crunch is at its toughest and what you can do to meet the challenge.
  • Secrets of staff retention How to treat your employees as well as you want them to treat your guests.
  • Top templates The best approaches to offer and rejection letters that ensure a good candidate experience.

Table of contents

  • • Introduction
  • • Chapter 1: Job Descriptions
  • • Chapter 2: Hotels Interview Questions
  • • Chapter 3: Offer & Rejection letters
  • • Chapter 4: Hiring Resources

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