How We Hire: SumAll

"If you want to have true talent on your team, you need to have a dedicated recruiter who understands not only the requirements of a role but also the company’s culture."

SumAll for Workable

Meet Rotem Israel, she does the people stuff at SumAll and has taken the time to talk about it with us at Workable.

SumAll is a NYC startup specializing in data analytics for all the social media platforms used by SMEs. SumAll integrates with 40+ platforms including Shopify, Paypal, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. SumAll’s goal is to allow our customers to view all of their data in one simple, easy-to-use, visualisation to help them do what they love, better.

Our team is currently 45 people with plans to double in size by middle of next year. I joined SumAll as the Head of Talent two months ago, in order to find the best talent and help the company scale. I have always worked in startups and believe that everyone should work at a startup at some point in their career. It’s challenging but at the same time exciting and satisfying.

It’s sometimes hard to know when is the right time, what made SumAll decide to hire a full-time HR person?

It was a proactive decision to hire a full time HR person rather than a reaction to being too busy. The company could support recruiting on their own, but not scale as quickly in the way they wanted to. I’m also in charge of their candidates’ interviews and the on-boarding processes.

"If you want to have true talent on your team, you need to have a dedicated recruiter who understands not only the requirements of a role but also the company’s culture."

What’s your on-boarding process like?

Our on-boarding period lasts 45 days and consist of 3 main pillars:

(1) A trial project, which is assigned to the new hire on his or her first week. A new hire also have a "tour guide" and two additional team members to ensure that he or she feel comfortable asking questions, getting feedback and is set for success. This means they always have familiar faces to go to with questions or concerns. Everyone knows the first few weeks at a new job can be scary so we give them people they know they can go to.

(2) A culture aspect. Our culture is all about self initiative, transparency and freedom and we want new hires be aware of and aligned with SumAll’s history, values and goals from the get go.

(3) An admin layer in which we elaborate on benefits, compensation, company’s policies and perks.

How do you use Workable in your hiring?

We use it to centralize our recruiting efforts and as our main ATS (application tracking system). It’s a great tool that shows you where candidates are in the process and keeps all the feedback in one place.

Everyone on the team who is part of the recruitment process can check on candidates status and leave a feedback after an interview. Workable is also great for sourcing and following up with prospective candidates  — I tag them with #followup and keep track of them for future positions. It also helps me manage my team’s interviews schedule.

Our recipe for success is to see our recruitment process as a shared effort. For example, candidates are interviewed by several team members on the same day. This way we not only save on the candidate and the team’s time, but also ensure that one interviewer isn’t getting overloaded! You can monitor your team’s schedule and send out calendar invites through Workable.

"The fact that everyone at SumAll can access Workable really helps."

SumAll for Workable

What are some of your toughest challenges in hiring?

Our main challenge is similar to most tech companies: hiring the best talents. NYC‘s tech community is a competitive environment, and there’s the classic challenge of supply and demand.

A challenge unique to SumAll is finding the best cultural fit. We expect from everyone on our team to be leaders. We’re looking for people who are not only super professionals in their field, but also willing to go the extra mile and have their hands on multiple projects and initiative. It’s important for us to find someone who has the perfect professional skills and culture fit. This combination guarantees that person will have an extraordinary professional and personal experience working at SumAll.

When hiring for cultural fit, gut feelings can be misleading. Instead, ask the right questions and listen CAREFULLY. Find out about the candidate’s past to learn more about them and predict their future success in the company.

Suggested questions: what projects you do in your free time, how did you face a challenge at work, what are your hobbies, what do you like about your current workplace, what would you have done differently if you went back to your current job again?

What are your top 3 tips on hiring for someone just getting started?

Engage your team — let them know what you’re looking for. Recruitment is everyone’s responsibility, it’s a shared effort. Get the team to go to interesting meetups/conferences and make sure they are part of the right networks.

Listen carefully in interviews. Recruiters tend to over-talk and try to sell the company too much. Good recruiters listen and understand. It’s a great life skill too!

Be patient. Whether it’s sourcing, interviewing, or the final stages of the process — they all take time and can be tiring. Don’t be discouraged! Take a deep breath.

In brief:
Key recruiting features

Hiring teams
Follow SumAll’s example and set up a hiring team for every role. Hiring teams are created on a per-job basis and can include as many team members and recruiters as you need.

Interview kits & scorecards
When you’re hiring as a team you need accessible, actionable feedback. Interview kits create a structured hiring process and ensure that every candidate is assessed accurately and consistently.

Talent CRM
Build and nurture meaningful relationships with candidates and prospects. Use tags, notes and reminders to stay in touch.

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