Document Management Software

All your company documents readily available

It’s hard to hunt down all your company documents, whether you’re in HR or an employee. Store all company-related files in one central location, easily accessible to all the right people. You can also create custom document templates to be e-signed by new hires or existing employees.

Document management FAQs

Why is document management important?

Properly managing company documents is important for keeping files and information up to date, secure and transparent. It helps companies avoid miscommunication and empowers employees to find answers to basic policy questions. It makes it easy to collect and store e-signed documents, so that HR teams can account for pending signature requests and employees can access their signed files.

What is document management software?

Document management software is used by HR teams to store company files securely, create signable docs, and keep everything in a searchable, reliable and accessible place.

What features does document management software have?

Typical document management software features include: tagging to sort and organize files, search bar to locate documents, e-signature options for creating signable docs and tracking signature status, archival options to store old versions of files.

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