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A great onboarding experience is a win-win. The new hire feels welcome, knows their role within the company, and starts producing faster. Your HR team spends less time chasing documents, writing emails, and sharing company details. Workable Onboarding provides a custom, easy-to-use portal for the candidates and custom templates, dashboards, and document management for your HR team – all as a natural extension of your ATS.

Employee Onboarding FAQs

What is employee onboarding software?

Employee onboarding software is a set of tools that enable companies to provide a seamless new hire experience. It is used for creating and managing onboarding workflows - the key steps a hire must take when starting the job - for different types of roles. It can help with document management, collecting signatures and getting new employees started on the right track with a warm, welcoming and informative experience.

What are the benefits of employee onboarding software?

The benefits of employee onboarding software include: collecting employee information easily and accurately, creating a great experience for new employees, ensuring all required documents are signed and providing a seamless experience under the company brand.

When should onboarding software be implemented?

Any business, big or small, can use onboarding software. It’s most important to implement when you need to save time for HR and managers because it can help collect and store e-signed documents and employee information (like address, phone, job title and more). It can also be implemented when it becomes important for your business to create a seamless, positive experience for new hires because it helps employees come on board with a clearly defined company message and clear expectations around their role.

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