Time Off Management for Vacations & Leave

Effortlessly manage employee time off

Ensure employees can easily request and track their time off while managers can easily approve or deny those requests. With multiple policies and accrual options, you can tailor your time off policies to fit the needs of different locations or work types within your organization. Plus, the Company calendar allows you to see at a glance which employees are out of the office when.

Time Off Management FAQs

What is time off management?

Time off management is the process through which employees and managers can track and plan the usage of time off benefits. Managing time off involves creating policies and accrual rules for employees - like how many vacation or sick days an employee has allotted - and approving or rejecting requests to use time off benefits.

What are the benefits of managing time off?

Companies benefit from managing time off because it enables them to plan ahead for their staffing needs. Know who’s out so that team performance isn’t impacted. Also, set clear expectations with employees around PTO to enable employees to use more of their time off benefits.

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