Track HR processes and enhance employee performance

Workable HR helps companies track and manage their HR processes, from time off to employee performance. One software for time-off, performance reviews, attendance and payroll, all with comprehensive automations and approval flows.

Manage your employees’ time off

Efficient time off tracking

Workable helps employees easily request and track their time off, and managers easily approve or deny requests.

Multiple policies and accrual options

Tailor your time off policies to fit the needs of different locations or work types within your organization. Assign policies and accrual rules to the appropriate employees, and track and award time off based on specific criteria.

Know who’s out

See when employees are out of the office at a glance with the company calendar. The calendar is automatically updated when time off is approved or denied.

Streamline your payroll

Exportable reports

In seconds, easily export detailed reports of your employees' salaries, working hours, time-off, and more. Make sure every payroll cycle is accurate and on-time.

Payroll integrations

See all your employee’s details in one place with our payroll hub. Make changes easily and then issue payroll in a few clicks via direct integrations with leading providers such as ADP, Xero, Paylocity and more.

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Advanced reporting & analytics

Track, share, and improve all your HR processes with real-time analytics. From standard, automated reports with detailed filters - including Time-off Balances, Attendance (coming soon), Performance (coming soon), and more - to custom, enterprise-grade business analysis with our BI link.

Upcoming Workable Features
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Workable HR

Empower your people to grow, develop, and succeed with our upcoming performance management tools. Give them a complete view of their career timelines. Track their progress one to one. Set up and adjust custom performance cycles with automated reminders.

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Time and attendance tracking

Workable HR

Give your employees an easy way to track their hours in our upcoming time tracking module, and generate comprehensive timesheets that managers can approve or edit easily. Then, create detailed attendance reports that you can export to payroll, or analyze alongside the rest of your reports.

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