Interview scheduling & preparation

Scheduling interviews can be both time-consuming and frustrating. Schedule Assist from Workable makes life easier, powering self-scheduling options and multi-part interviews.

Scheduling made simple

See all your interviewers’ schedules side by side, check team availability (and your own), drag-and-drop interviews into available slots and book a meeting room with ease. All inside Workable. Tight integrations with your external calendar means even rescheduling interviews becomes simple.


Master multi-part interviews

Streamline complex, multi-part interviews by splitting one event into separate time slots. See hiring panel and meeting room availability in one view, and invite all the participants with one click. Interviewers receive separate, subject-specific invites for each slot, while your candidate receives one clear overview of the whole event.


Interview self-scheduling for candidates

The self-scheduling calendar shares your available interview times with candidates. Automatically synced and always up-to-date, this enables candidates to select a time that suits them best. Self-scheduling cuts down on admin and creates a smoother candidate experience.

Syncs with any calendar


True integrations with Gsuite and Outlook365 means everyone is up to date, responses are tracked and any changes made in your calendar are reflected in Workable. Not using GSuite of Outlook 365? No problem, Workable integrates with every calendar.


A better hiring experience

Only Workable provides interviewers and candidates with a personalised interview experience. Every participant will know who they’re meeting and the planned agenda. They’ll also receive a map, so they know how to to get there.


Interview preparation on the go

Recruiting doesn’t stop when you’re out of the office. The mobile Agenda gives you fast access to the details of your next event; who it’s with, where and when. Review the candidate’s profile and call them directly from the app with one click.

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