Interview scheduling & preparation

Scheduling interviews with a candidate and multiple members of your hiring team can often feel like the trickiest task in hiring. Workable’s email and calendar integrations help relieve the headache.

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Manage your calendar

Set up calls or interviews with candidates and members of your hiring team. Workable will automatically notify candidates and interviewers of the details – including a location map and full list of attendees.

Workable integrates with email and calendar applications including Google, Outlook,
 Yahoo and more. This means that you don’t have to be logged in to Workable to track and coordinate multiple interviews.


Interview preparation on the go

Recruiting doesn’t stop when you’re out of the office. The mobile Agenda gives you fast access to the details of your next event; who it’s with, where and when. Review the candidate’s profile and call them directly from the app with one click.


Actionable interview feedback

When you’re hiring as a team, it’s essential that candidates are assessed accurately and consistently. Use Workable to evaluate candidates at every stage and improve your interview process.

For phone screen or interview stages, prepare a structured interview kit in advance. A scorecard is generated automatically, with a smart connection to the Workable calendar. Workable automatically prompts members of the hiring team to use the scorecard during the interview and submit their feedback. All feedback is available individually or in aggregate via the candidate’s profile.

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