InVision improves workflow and builds richer communities with People Search from Workable

"People Search has become a central part of my daily workflow. The Chrome plugin gives me instant access to our partners' social profiles, which lets me peruse and share the fantastic content they’re creating with ease."

HireVue for Workable

The Story

Based in New York, InVision supplies an intuitive, fully-interactive design and prototyping platform to a wide and distributed customer base, from Saatchi & Saatchi to ZipCar and LinkedIn. Its sophisticated suite of tools promotes a creative and collaborative approach to design.

Over the past year, the company has expanded very rapidly. So, in turn, has its HR function.

InVision’s Stephen Olmstead began using Workable’s Applicant Tracking System to manage recruitment when he joined the company in 2014. Growing fast, he needed a fully-automated, start-to-finish solution to manage complex candidate sourcing needs, and Workable’s ATS and its associated tools met those needs.

His introduction to Workable uncovered comprehensive hiring pipelines, a system designed to nurture and track talent; and more…

Since then, Workable has become fully and firmly embedded in InVision’s high-achieving talent acquisition process and strategy. It’s also become a byword across the wider company for providing software that supports excellence, innovation, efficiency and achievement.

Stephen continued to use the Workable platform when his role shifted to VP of Partnerships. Having been immersed in its functionality for several years, he immediately noticed the addition of the recently-launched People Search Chrome extension.

Scanning millions of online profiles and trusted data sources to produce rich social and content profiles, People Search was a perfect fit for the Partnerships team.

Quick off the mark, Stephen created a separate InVision Partnerships Workable account and introduced the Chrome extension to his team.

The challenge:

Partnerships team in fast-moving, rapidly growing business need to:

  • refocus workflow to keep pace with industry staffing changes
  • reduce time researching contact information for content creators, and trawling from one networking site to another
  • increase time allocated to making meaningful connections with members of the design community

The solution:

Source rich, comprehensive, accurate information about leading design community content authors at the click of a button.

Search millions of online profiles and trusted data sources in real-time direct from a browser, to access full, accurate, professional profiles.


Improving workflow

Nurturing strong and enriching relationships with influencers across the design industry is key to the success of InVision’s Partnerships team. Engaging with influencer content creators is a big focus for their UX & Content Strategist, Jennifer Aldrich.

"The web is so fragmented that I used to spend an inordinate amount of time scouring around trying to find links to our partners’ blogs, podcasts, vlogs, personal websites, and social media profiles so I could find out more about them and share their fabulous content with our community.

People Search crawls the internet and brings back accurate, detailed information in seconds. This lets me focus on sharing content and building deeper personal relationships with our community members instead."

Personalizing outreach

By using People Search, Jennifer can connect with designers through their social channels of choice in seconds. With a single search, information from multiple social and professional sources is aggregated, de-duplicated and organized into a unified, candidate profile – in real time.

"The snapshots of social profiles are so useful and so immediate. It’s made a huge difference in my content discovery workflow."

Up-to-date contact information

Getting in contact when it matters can be the first step towards a sustainable, mutually enriching and rewarding relationship. People Search has made this increasingly possible for the team.

"People are more active in certain networks than others. I had a really tough time trying to find contact info, and spent huge chunks of time moving from one social channel to another. Some designers only reply to email, but people change jobs so often that information quickly goes out of date. People Search is a fantastic solution to this. Getting up-to-date contact information quickly is so powerful."


With a powerful reputation as design and prototyping industry specialists, the look and feel of People Search was important to the team at InVision. Thoughtful and considered, with back-end complexity concealed behind a neatly packaged, clear design, its integration with their workflow was seamless and immediate.

"The UI is so clean. It’s easy to use and has been designed with the user in mind. It’s been executed beautifully."

A perfect match

Working hand-in-hand with People Search, InVision’s Partnership team does less leg-work and is able to focus instead on building community relationships.

Key achievements:

  • Faster, more focused research.
  • Streamlined, intuitive workflow.
  • A rich, current community of influencers.
  • Hyper-personalized, meaningful outreach.
  • Timely, direct and accurate communication.

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