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The essential guide to hiring for the media industry

The internet has completely transformed the media industry. As a result, print-first publications are adjusting, digital-first publications are proliferating and talent is on the move. Competition for great candidates has heated up now that other industries have joined the fray. Corporate newsrooms, and communications fields like advertising, marketing and PR are eager to add

journalists to their teams. As a professional hiring in the media industry, what should you be aware of? What can you do to harness current trends and create long-term possibilities for employees? Get the expertise and insight you need to gain a vital competitive advantage. All the analysis, job descriptions, interview questions and letter templates you need in one free eBook.

Media Markers

newspaper newsroom jobs were lost between 2003 and 2012
digital-only news outlets have been created 5,000 jobs in the last six years
88 %
of journalists want more digital skills training

Things You’ll Learn

  • Job growth outlook What’s next for your candidates, and how this effects your search.
  • How to ask the right questions Model interview questions that will help you make the right hire.
  • How to vet your candidates Tips for assessing candidates’ skills and cultural fit.
  • Top templates The best approaches to offer and rejection letters that ensure a good candidate experience.

Table of contents

  • • Introduction: Print is retreating but content is surging ahead
  • • Chapter 1: Job Descriptions
  • • Chapter 2: Media Industry Interview Questions
  • • Chapter 3: Offer & Rejection letters
  • • Chapter 4: Hiring Resources

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